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  1. Sync 3 - at my wits end

    So I upgraded from Sync 2 to Sync 3. Everything works except, wait for it, Navigation and stereo antenna. The only Nav I get is using Android Auto and only good sound is playing with phone Bluetooth. The Nav is stuck in Atlanta Georgia and Im in Illinois. This is a full Nav unit so that's not...
  2. My local stereo shop said they can't install a head unit in my '19.

    You need to run them from the battery through passenger side. There is a big opening passenger side fender.
  3. My local stereo shop said they can't install a head unit in my '19.

    I personally wouldnt go with American Muscle. It's not a bad beginner system, but you can get something equal for less or better for the money. Just depends. You have the anal audiophiles who womt recommend anything but the best like the Kooks header people. I am more bang for the buck. I have...
  4. My local stereo shop said they can't install a head unit in my '19.

    This is a very basic install. If you don't want to replace your head unit, and if you have that little 4.3" you should, you just need to wire in a line out converter. I'm not familiar with the 4", but I added to my Sync 3. I used the for-11ck harness to tap into the speaker wire behind the...
  5. Sync 3 Nav not working

    Thanks for the link. Very thorough. He mentions needing to update As Built data or it will throw codes, but I didn't do that and dont have codes. Just the Nav doesn't work, like I dont have a GPS antenna. What is also weird is that my Nav was stuck in Lyons, GA. I did an update to version 3...
  6. Illinois 2015 Sync 2/ MFT with Navigation - $300 shipped

    Selling my Sync 2/MFT with Nav from my 2015 Mustang GT. $300 shipped.
  7. GT SOLD 2019 2020 APIM Screen with Navigation

    Question, I installed a Sync 3 from a 2017 GT350 in my 15 GT with MFT. The Nav is not working, no gps. Anyway, do I need to update the ASBuilt with VIN with forscan to get this to work?
  8. Sync 3 Nav not working

    Hi, I upgraded from MFT to a GT350 Sync 3, not that it matters except the snake is on the boot screen. Anyway, I have everything working except the Nav. When I switch to Nav, it shows my location in Lyons, GA which is maybe the last location when ti worked. So not only does it show me in Lyons...

    Does anyone have link to instructions for 2015+? I only see up to 2011 on the N2MB website. Seems like instructions are a bit different and I dont have instructions that came with it. A link would be awesome.
  10. Need help with 2016 Mustang GT Premium factory amp wiring???

    FYI, the black connector is the speaker wires out to speakers. I had a Tesla head unit but needed to run audio to the speakers. I ran speaker wire from amp in trunk and tapped into those wires. Then unplugged the connector. Then top tweeters plug into the brown connector but you need to leave...
  11. Infinity Reference REF-6532IX

    Why not just get something that you know will fit. And Crutchfield is crazy expensive compared to what they should be.
  12. edelbrock 2650 stg2 vs Whipple stg 2 on 93 which one !!!

    I'm making 900whp with a $4500 ON3 twin turbo kit on my 2015. Add injectors for $1000 and Sai Li fuel system for $900. $6500 to make 900whp is insane and I love it.
  13. Hell Horse or Infotainment? (Digital Dash)

    ;=414⁴44 Absolutely. I paid $550 for my Shelby Sync 3 so I can feel like a gangsta. Lol. Then a couple cables and USB and all set. I guess convenience is worth more than money to most.
  14. Hell Horse or Infotainment? (Digital Dash)

    I got my Shelby Syn 3 for $550.$30 for USB cables and 30 for usb hub. So $610
  15. Hell Horse or Infotainment? (Digital Dash)

    Most of these companies jack up the prices because people pay them. If you look at a Sync 3 upgrade, they want $1200 when you can do it yourself for $600. I never pay these companies to do what I can do.
  16. Is it just me "Owning a Supercharged Mustang"

    At 900whp, no, I cannot hook 1-3rd gear when I get into boost. But, my turbos make a decent amount more torque than my Procharger did so that doesn't help. 305/35/20 Mickey Thompson ET Street out back. When I was at 750whp with D1 Procharger, I could hook in 2nd at least. I'm also a manual car...
  17. Is it just me "Owning a Supercharged Mustang"

    I'm ON3 top mount twin 61 turbos. Not sure about power, but guessing 900whp. I'm on 305 MT ET Street SS drag radial and cannot hook on the street. Im a manual car with 3.31s. I was 750whp Procharged and I could hook in second, but now I'm breaking loose in 3rd when I hit boost above 5500rpm. I...
  18. GT $400 Shipped - MFT/Sync 2 for 2015+ Mustang with Navigation

    Let me check but I dont think any harnesses are needed. You can also check here. It's for Sync 3 but should be the same.
  19. Illinois 10" RF sub with amp, lc2i, zenclosure

    Just out of curiosity, did you secure the box? I have 2x10" zenclosure box, and it slides all the way to the back of my trunk. I have since secured the box, but I'm just curious if you secured the box.
  20. GT $400 Shipped - MFT/Sync 2 for 2015+ Mustang with Navigation

    MFT/Sync 2 to upgrade base model to 8" touchscreen. This is the screen/APIM and the CD player/controller. $400 shipped OBO - [email protected]