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  1. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    That is my understanding as well but it is was mentioned in the post above yours that the clutches and steels that came out of the Midnight Performance car did not look good at all. I was asking and hoping that they have corrected or improved their mods since what pro 5.0 was referring to...
  2. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    Curious if that was after what the post above you is inferring? if they’re only lasting a few months before needing replacements then I would say they are less than reliable for anything street driven on a regular basis. Trust me I want something that works long term and reliably for the 10r...
  3. Car and Driver Sends The GT350R Off With a Farewell Review

    Deleted! Just needed to read a little further to get what I was looking for! :)
  4. Question about Gen 2 and Gen 3 camshafts

    I believe he is referring to the hood being lower profile on the 18+ verses the 15-17. Which it is, the 18+ headlights also help with the lower profile front end. The GT350 is also lower profile, more so than the 18+ cars and way more than the 15-17 cars despite the headlights beIN the same on...
  5. Question about Gen 2 and Gen 3 camshafts

    I have no idea what his thought process is. I asked him the same thing and he seems to think stock cams will work better for him. I tried to talk him into leaving them in and seeing how the Hellion street sleeper reacts with them and he wants to swap now while he is putting in a built...
  6. Question about Gen 2 and Gen 3 camshafts

    Long story short, I may be buying a '17 Mustang GT. My friend has a '18 GT with Comp NSR cams in it and he is going to be removing them now that he is going twin turbo. He said I could have the Comp cams simply for helping him with the Hellion install. So my question is, aside from the hpfp lobe...
  7. Coyote Stroker Kits

    Except one thing! That block has no engine coolant passages in it. It's only use is to fire it up in the staging lanes, burnout and run the quarter and shutdown. It absolutely could not be used on the street!! Bear Racing Blocks did a full ground up and highly strengthened 5.0 Coyote block...
  8. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    @pro 5.0 Any updates as to how your added clutch count is doing in your 10r80? Thanks Ken
  9. loud valves on hellion sleeper kit??

    I believe I'll pass on them when the time comes, or go electric cutouts if I do! Can't stand an exhaust leak sound, plus I want to be able to leave it quiet regardless of boost pressure if I want! Thanks for posting back! Ken
  10. (Install with Pics) Bluetooth Ethanol Sensor

    May have to pick one up, despite not even having an S550 "YET" just in case they quit selling them again!
  11. loud valves on hellion sleeper kit??

    I know this thread is a year old but did the new routing of the lines including a vacuum source for the loud valves fix your exhaust leak sound with the exhaust When running quiet? Thanks Ken
  12. Hellion Street Sleeper for daily?

    What boost controller do you need for the boost by gear? E-boost 2?
  13. 2016 Shelby GT350 Widebody Fathouse Build

    I would like to know this as well! The only thing that I could find were Shelby CS-3's. However the center hub is completely different from the pictures I was able to find online. Outer barrel and spokes are the same though! I definitely can't wait to see this build progress! That's...
  14. 2020 GT500 Paddle Shifters

    I’d be interested in a set of them too, especially if they will work for the 10r80 cars! Any idea if they would work with the 6R80 Mustangs? My fiancé has one and I’d be interested in 2 sets if they did. Thanks Ken
  15. 700+ hp 5.2L flatplane voodoo

    I wonder if the flywheel bolts could be cross referenced through ARP to see if they had anything else that used the size needed? For example, say a Mini Cooper engine cover bolt, even if it had to be trimmed down in length a little. That is a complete example pulled out of my ass.
  16. Hellion Street Sleeper for daily?

    I wonder if the sleeper kit could be ordered with no turbos and just get the Comp turbos myself or do the Comp turbos not fit up to the Hellion kit? Scavenge system is what I definitely want to avoid. The Hellhorse kit did look good too!
  17. Hellion Street Sleeper for daily?

    Regarding the oil catch can and scavenger pump. Does anyone know if the Hellion Street Sleeper can be be ordered with Comp oiless turbos and eliminate the catch can, pump and associated fittings for it? Thanks Ken
  18. 700+ hp 5.2L flatplane voodoo

    Very good to know! I am definitely interested in seeing the comparison between the 2 when that teardown happens. Thank you Ken
  19. 700+ hp 5.2L flatplane voodoo

    To the OP regarding the Cobra Jet intake and clearance issues. Would running a dry sump system gain you any room between the k-member and oil pan so you could lower the engine a bit more? Dry sump pans always seem to be extremely shallow since they don't actually hold any volume of oil. Plus...