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  1. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT Premium Performance Pack - Chicago

    Could you pm me what the dealer would offer you? I have a 16 with similar miles and am curious as to what its worth.
  2. Video: 2020 Shelby GT500 North American Track Tour @ Sonoma Raceway

    Was able to have the same experience when they were at Autobahn In Chicago. What a well put together event and what a car.
  3. Apple CarPlay USB Charging Speed?

    Mine charges plenty fast. I'm not sure USB-C fast, but it isn't painfully slow like my 2012 F150's usb.
  4. Illinois GT350 Track Pack Spoiler

    Thanks. I need to find someone local enough who wants to trade for my non spoiler trunk lid. I'd hate to drill holes in it.
  5. Illinois GT350 Track Pack Spoiler

    This bolts on right?
  6. GT Eibach front camber bolts for s550

    I'll take them if he doesn't.
  7. North Carolina OEM Performance Pack Brembo Brake Pads

    Bottom dollar with shipping?
  8. Window Sticker

    You're awesome! Thank you!
  9. Window Sticker

    Would you be able to run 1FA6P8CF0G5202246? curious if the car has the enhanced security package...
  10. South Carolina WTB 47 lb Fuel Injectors
  11. Texas Sold: LMR GT7s 20x10-20x11(GT40 reps) w almost new Indy 500 tires

    GLWS i have Bronze GT7's on my Black S550 and i love them.
  12. Florida FS: Stock GT Strut Tower and Firewall Braces - $110

    Possibly interested in only the strut tower brace
  13. Michigan Looking for tuner, 18+ manifold, 18+ Airbox or CAI

    I have a line on an 18 mani, n gauge as well as a pmas. Shoot me a message if interested.
  14. Please educate me on a track helmet

    +1 for a full face. Your windows are open on track and who knows whats out there flying around. Anything can happen as some of us have already shown. I personally have this helmet Its on the more budget friendly side of...
  15. California 2017 Mustang GT, Performance Pack, Recaro Seats

    Clean car. GLWS! I didn't know you could get sync 3 with cloth recaros. Edit. Nevermind. Reading is hard sometimes.
  16. Arizona Steeda Alignment Kit, Green Air Filter

    Is the sunshade sold already? I don't see it on your list.