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  1. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    Very nice. I’ve always liked those subtle mods that really make a big difference as part of a package. OEM style center caps on aftermarket wheels is a perfect example. Where did you find those? I’d like to order a set. -J
  2. Looking for a car @90k Otd or less.

    At MSRP or ADM? -J
  3. Track Tires?

    Other than cost, I would assume you’d be hard pressed to beat the ‘FP’ spec and branded Michelin tires, no? The engineers and test drivers I talked to, as well my seat time, all indicate the OEM tires are optimal for the track. Have you had it on track yet? Enjoy! -J
  4. Are you ready to take your 2020 GT500 to the next level? Look inside!

    So you still have cats? According to a legit Ford powertrain engineer that is by far the biggest restriction to power levels and safety. -J
  5. Video: 2020 Shelby GT500 North American Track Tour @ Sonoma Raceway

    Wow, looks like someone went off track! Even with instruction, putting someone on track with 760hp when they’ve never been on track or driven a powerful car, is a liability. Hopefully no real issues there. I went to the Track Tour in Chicagoland and unfortunately we didn’t get the drag...
  6. Real spare tire for the 2020 GT500

    Interesting the paranoia on this to me. I have AAA and in 24+ years of Mustang ownership I haven’t been stranded by a flat. When needed AAA has always been great for my lowered performance Mustangs. Definitely would question the need to worry about not having a spare every time driving the car. -J
  7. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Beautiful CFTP! Looks like a cool event. Will be very cool to see Jaime’s WB SS. Looking forward to that, subscribed. -J
  8. V00D00's IconicGT500

    Nice Steve, it’s GAME ON! Can you explain more on your DCT plans please? Any insight or links to what other high power/shop cars have seen DCT wise? -J
  9. Iconic silver CFTP w/ white stripes.

    Amazing! Love that black roof too! Where in Ohio? I’m in Sylvania -J
  10. CNC Head Porting for GT500 Cylinder heads starting @ $1250pr

    Please clarify this. The 2020 GT500 has heads with CNC porting that has been increased over the GT350. Can you post some before and after data on real 2020 GT500 heads? I’m starting a turbo Coyote project and planned to start with stock GT500 heads. If I can see the flow data on the new 500...
  11. Exclusive!! First look at the new Whipple 3.8L Gen 5 Whipple kit!!

    Can’t wait to see these testing. Does it fit under the stock hood? -J
  12. Oxford White GT500 pictures

    Man that white looks hot! Even better in the sunset and the white shows the lines really well. Enjoy my friend. -J
  13. Is the DCT holding up? (modded)

    Interesting, I haven’t heard that on the Vette. Maybe this is like the 6R80 that both Ford and Chevy codeveloped. For some reason, the Ford version is a beast and yet you never hear of the Chevy version. Anyway, the main hard parts from Tremec in the DCT are bulky and tested to 4-digits. The...
  14. Arizona FS: 1965 Shelby Daytona (Factory Five Racing Type-65 Gen 3 Kit) with Gen 2 Coyote

    Can’t stop looking at this ad. I’d love to see an in car Go Pro to try and see what the experience is like. Good luck with sale. -J
  15. Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Will be interesting to see how this Copart auction plays out! -J
  16. Received GT500 Owners Kit

    That’s funny, it’s all the stuff we got at the Track Tour. Even the badge, I see he was in the blue group, must need help saving for the GT500. I told my wife I got a new blower and she freaked out before opening this pic. :) In her defense I do have 3 blowers and 2 turbos sitting on the work...
  17. Aftermarket seat covers?

    You should be able to have the white ‘smoke grey’ accents dyed to your color by an upholstery shop or higher end furniture place that does repairs. I spoke with the Recaro rep at Track Tour and the stock Recaros are a combination of leather vinyl and alcantara. Also she said the non power option...
  18. So, I Bought Joey Hand's GT500

    Front looks killer but the rear too low for my taste. -J
  19. Palm Beach Dyno Hp and Tq on pump 93 and E85

    Was hoping to meet you at the Track Tour I went to at Joliet Autobahn last week. Great event, what you guys did with this car was amazing! I made sure to get to drive a CFTP. Have you driven Kens car with the mods? Did you and FP ever test at higher power/boost levels? -J
  20. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    Those strut caps will clean up the engine bay, they really do with my 2014. Engine bay looks show ready! -J