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  1. 2016 Shelby GT350 Widebody Fathouse Build

    Great build! Would you mind sharing where you purchased that spoiler?
  2. Street Style Ecoboost Drift Build

    Is that an OEM GT350 bumper or did you buy from another company? Did it come painted or did you get it painted yourself?
  3. amazon gt350 track pack spoiler users cmon in please

    I just covered them with double sided tape
  4. Real Carbon Fiber Dash Trim

    What stock trim are you looking for? Do you care?
  5. Black OEM hood scoops

    Sent you a pm
  6. Salvaged Shelby GT350

    Would you guys take a chance on a salvaged GT350 for an engine failure if you got the car for like $25k. There's a guy by where I live that has one for sale and I assume his engine had to be replaced because of the failures on the GT350s going around. I don't know much about the car right now...
  7. Accelatec Tail Light Panel - Anyone have? Is it high quality?

    Try the MP panel from American muscle. About the same price and everyone who has installed it, likes it and has had no issues it seems.
  8. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    Was there a big difference in ride feel going from the eibach sports to the air ride?
  9. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    My biggest question is how did you guys justify the expense from say traditional springs to an air kit? I also want to know if you guys adjust the height a decent amount once the "novelty" wears off, if that makes sense.
  10. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    That's interesting. I haven't heard that sentiment much at all. What did you hate about it?
  11. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    Hmm, I hadn't even thought of that. I should've, because now that you've mentioned it, it seems logical but that's something I'll have to consider.
  12. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    What would make towing more difficult?
  13. Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    I wanted to hear from those of you who have chosen to go with air suspension on your cars. Was it worth it? I know air suspension is about $3k. Do you think it was worth it versus the alternatives like lowering springs and coilovers? What made you justify the price difference? Are your cars...
  14. MMD Ducktail Spoiler

    Does anyone have this spoiler in black that wouldn't mind posting pics?
  15. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Any chance you have any pics of it? Maybe from a straight rear angle? Was it body color or black?
  16. Gt350 style carbon fiber wing

    Do you have any other pics of the condition of the spoiler? Is it something that can be fixed on the clearcoat side? Is this the spoiler with the gurney flap as well?