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  1. fpGT350

    Any experience in BAT Auction site?

    Been following BaT for a long time. You can use the search function to review completed auctions on GT 350s. Will give you good idea of what real buyers are paying. Buyers pay a 5% buyer fee on top of closing bid.
  2. fpGT350

    Putting the car on jack stands for the winter
  3. fpGT350

    Anyone coming from gt350?

    JeremyPro5.0 said: The main reason for choice, if I keep driving the GT500 on the street, I will get arrested. Just makes me want a 500 more.
  4. fpGT350

    New member, new owner.

    Great form of father/son fun. Autocross is easy and inexpensive, sets up for friendly competition with your boy. Of course, you will need to compare lap times by driving the same car!
  5. fpGT350

    End of production of Shelby GT350/R after 2020. Will resale price climb?

    OEM replacement parts will become more costly. Same thing happened to the Viper.
  6. fpGT350

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    Corvette wasn't afraid to use a flat plane crank in their current race car (which is an endurance racer). They are putting a FPC in the new Z06 as well.
  7. fpGT350

    Anyone drive the new GT500?

    Do you mean $3,000 below invoice or $3,000 below window sticker/MSRP?
  8. fpGT350

    Anyone drive the new GT500?

    You'll get more response by posting this in the GT500 forum on this website.
  9. fpGT350

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    Went through the same thing with Vipers over the years. Not what I wanted to hear. This on again - off again loyalty to an iconic brand like Shelby is very disappointing to me. Perhaps this is a new opportunity for Shelby American to step up. Sorry, Mach 1 doesn't do it for me.
  10. fpGT350

    Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Amen on Swisstrax floors.
  11. fpGT350

    2020 GT 500 fairing better than the C8

    The potential perils of purchasing in the first year of a significant model change are well known. I've been burned on the 88 XJ6, 90 ZR1, and the 02 M3. On the other hand, I had sensational experience with my 78 Bronco, 84 Vette and 96 Viper GTS. It's a crap shoot that I am still willing to...
  12. fpGT350

    First Track Day Done

    I had the same experience with my Vipers. Turned into an exhausting 10-year love affair with road racing. I found it impossible to just do it once. Great way to spend your kids' inheritance. Not gonna let it happen with my GT350. Happy to be a "polisher".
  13. fpGT350

    GT350: Caveat Emptor

    You had a miserable experience and needed to vent. Understandable. I've read all of your previous posts and it sounds like you are very sensible and profess conservative break-in and driving habits. Sounds like Ford handled the situation honorably by replacing 2 engines and then buying the...
  14. fpGT350

    Differential fluid change

    FYI, Page 52 of owner's supplement says diff fluid need only be changed every 150,000 miles.
  15. fpGT350

    New Owner

    Goes beautiful with your GTS. Congrats!
  16. fpGT350

    Took me 4 years but finally got my dream GT350R and WOW!

    Great story, great color, great car.
  17. fpGT350

    Caught in the rain.

    One of the many pleasures of living in Arizona is seldom seeing rain and never having to drive in it. I treat the underside of my car the same as the paint. I keep it tidy and clean by putting all four corners up on jack stands and spending time on my back underneath the car. It's not like I...
  18. fpGT350

    "Transmission not in Park" in manual gt350

    Makes absolutely no sense at all. Can't wait to hear the conclusion to this story. It does sound like an electrical gremlin, but how can a message like that ever be programmed to appear on a manual transmission car?
  19. fpGT350

    Seriously, how does the EPA rate this car at 14 city and 21 highway?

    I've never reset my average MPG gauge since i purchased the car new. After 6,126 miles (1/3 highway, 2/3 city), I have averaged 15.8 MPG.
  20. fpGT350

    Had an interesting morning. Tried to look at a GT500

    What a grim story! That dealer is destined to failure. That snottiness comes from a corrupt culture within.