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  1. 2020 Ford Mustang Recall! Brake pedal bracket could snap during sudden braking

    I guess I am going have my first recall then.
  2. FI Question

    you going to have to prepare for more money than just a supercharger kit cost only. I used to have one of those 1998 mustang gt back in the day and it got about 70k miles like you. I decided to put in a vortech supercharger to get some more power. I did my research and ask a lot of people...
  3. Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    that is why I want to hear those exhaust in person, so I would only buy it once and that's it.
  4. High(er) CHT

    I will try it when I drive the mustang next time. thanks guys
  5. JLT oil separator which one you guys get?

    so, I contacted JLT and they message me back said, the 3024P or 3030p will work. you don't have to have a whipple supercharger to use the 3030p. I guess I am going to order the 3030p from them cause I like the idea that it is mounted.
  6. Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    you just made my decision even harder now. the problem is where to find people that had these exhaust on their mustang to listen. I don't see a lot of mustangs in my area and chances that they have borla or corsa will be even harder to find.
  7. High(er) CHT

    I got to the show guages, but it display the 3 guages I selected. where to select to display those listed instead of the guages?
  8. JLT oil separator which one you guys get?

    why you choose the free floating instead of the other from JLT that mounted secure with a bracket?
  9. Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    I hear you. I going to cruise around and see if anybody in my area has the borla s type and atak, so I can decide what I want.
  10. Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    have you heard the borla s type or atak in person? I just wonder why you go with borla s type and not the atak one. I am still undecide s type or atak because I have not hear it in person. I listen to a bunch of them on youtube, but like most people said, you have to listen in person to really...
  11. Small accident - Insurance or out of pocket?

    I have farmers and hit a dog at night running onto the street a few years back. I did make a claim and the insurance did go up a year later. I guess all those years (10+ years) driving around with no accident doesn't mean crap.
  12. Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    yeah, I am looking at the Borla Atak or S-type right now. Still not sure what to get and I am waiting for a sale. what discount do you guys think it will be this thanksgiving, 10-15% off?
  13. JLT oil separator which one you guys get?

    I was thinking about getting a JLT oil separator for the passenger side. which one you guys get? there are 2 on JLT website. one is free floating and the other it said for whipple charged and it mounted, so no chance of it moving around plus cheaper too. my car is N/A. I don't know if the one...
  14. High(er) CHT

    how do you display inlet air, cylinder head, etc. like that? I can't seem to find it . thanks
  15. Window Sticker - How Have You Kept It ?

    Hahaha, you are funny af

    I didn’t see anything sale for borla. I actually starting to look for borla atak cat back for a 2020 mustang gt too. I guess I can wait till the next sale then
  17. Do you Daily your Mustang?

    I have others car to drive to work, but I will drive my mustang as much as possible. I am not getting any younger, so I want to enjoy it as much as I possibly can.
  18. Wheel Fitment? Boss 302 19x10 on 2020 GT?

    Yeah, I hope it will be over soon. I am going to have to go out cruising to look for those mustang packs and listen to their exhaust to see what kind I like and get me some cat back exhaust
  19. Wheel Fitment? Boss 302 19x10 on 2020 GT?

    congrat. ABQ dealerships here won't want to deal at all. They think their cars in demand too much and I guess most people lived here would just buy with not much negotiation at all. I just bought one from Arizona on August 24th and drove it home to ABQ. My car is white 2020 mustang gt/cs also...
  20. Get a actual spare tire..

    I would only put the spare to the front then. thanks