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  1. New 6.8L V8 Engine Coming For Mustang in 2022?!

    This engine is 600 hp na. It’s actually smaller than the coyote, physically but weighs more. It is push rod
  2. GT500 CFTP 1/4 mile runs!

    Was you there?
  3. GT500 CFTP 1/4 mile runs!

    I was about to say lol you need to go to his channel and watch that shit again cause you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. He ran a 20.6 with the stock 4s tires on a track with slipe
  4. GT500 CFTP 1/4 mile runs!

    Speed phenom ran a 10.6 in a base model 500 with stock tires.
  5. Ford supports defund police

    Maybe you should have read the whole article. Henry Ford the 3rd who is manager of fords marketing department and is next in line to be chair of FMC is now on the board of the ford foundation. So they are connected. If you can’t connect the two idk what to tell you. Maybe a lobotomy? Fords...
  6. GT500 Bumper Conversion?

    Because that just looks goofy as hell to me. The pic you posted looks ok. Like I Sadi might be different in person but most the pix I see look like this one, goofy
  7. Ford supports defund police

    Well I will never buy from ford again sorry ass mfers
  8. GT500 Bumper Conversion?

    To many damn splitters and IMO the 18+ front looks ugly as hell with the GT500 bumper. There’s almost no hope for that front end lol. Maybe it looks better in person idk
  9. 2018 Premium console and doors - will they fit into a 2017?

    Come on man use your brain. Of course they fit. It’s the same damn car with a different nose
  10. Florida **SOLD**6 Piston Brembos

    Lol what an idiot “ will ship at buyers expense “ “ not shipping “
  11. ICON GT350 Fenders Painted

    Anymore updates or pix on the fenders or bumper?
  12. Minnesota Trackspec GT4 Full Louver Kit

    Sorry, just noticed you have a gt350. You should have put that in the description. I got a gt
  13. Minnesota Trackspec GT4 Full Louver Kit

    I’ll give ya 300 shipped
  14. '15-'17 Seats in '18+

    Direct bolt in and if the connector is the issue just swap the connectors xx around
  15. 2020 Carroll Shelby Signature Mustang

    I’m sorry this looks like garbage. Idk how they can even ask that price compared to the gt500. I would take the gy500 all day over this shit. It looks like some shit they just threw together and slapped Shelby all over it. Kinda like the super snake. All those it looks bAd ass. The gt500...
  16. So, I Bought Joey Hand's GT500

    Why did he not want to take the car, and what do you mean matching vin and chassis? All cars come from the factory with matching vin and chassis