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  1. Coyote Exhaust Note

    Modern hemi's use a more traditional V8 firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. Old small block and big block chevies use that order, as do all mopar V8's from the old LA series small blocks, to the 426 hemi
  2. Roush Axle Back

    Unless you actually have drone. on my old vette, it droned very bad on the highway, but the exhaust was super quiet both inside and out. at highway speeds you would get a very deep, headache inducing hum. slow down and it goes away, speed up it goes away, down shift it goes away. 2000 rpm was...
  3. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    There’s good information here, even if I am learning most of my experience is driver error, but that’s how you improve. I have decided I’m going to sign up for another BMW experience to get an instructor with me in my car and learn a little more about the cars characteristics and what I may be...
  4. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    I definitely don’t discount driver error, first run in a car with 2500 miles, there’s going to be familiarity issues. The guys I went with know the roads very well, I don’t. They claim their cars are ‘dialed’ and maybe they are, or maybe they’re just dumb for trying to push that hard on public...
  5. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    this is crucial, with no background being explained that the right answer. As for my back ground I haven’t done anything with my GT yet, however my old ST’s have been around Road Atlanta, AMP, and VIR with a couple BMW experiences at RA with instructors. Basic car dynamics I know ok. My...
  6. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    with the 3.73’s I ran out of rpm far too quickly I’d be on the throttle mid turn and at 7500 by the time the road straightens out requiring a shift to 3rd, then back to second for the next turn.
  7. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    I’ll likely do bolts and go a little more aggressive. Find the balance between tire wear and minimizing understeer. Overall on the run the tight technical stuffwas the only struggle. The faster sweepers switchback’s etc were all fine, the only car there that pulled away from me out of turns was...
  8. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    Well, that's definitely not ideal. lol. I'll start with bolts and see where that gets me.
  9. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    Is the car able to get -2* up front without needing camber plates or slotting the front struts? I’ve had to do that before on a friends old S550 that was used heavily for autox.
  10. Odd experience on a mountain run.

    Let me start by saying that I am no professional driver, I know my limitations and trying to learn the cars. My car is a 2020 PP1 that’s bone stock, went on a mountain run with some friends this morning, they were in a V6 1LE Camaro, a STI, a M4, and a RS3. I was 3rd in line, with the rs3 and...
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Mountain run! Copperhead loop in NE Ga, SC, and NC.
  12. MT-82 Question 2019+

    I’m probably going to do the lines on mine at some point as well as replace the rear shifter bushing. My other car has a manual clutch, and if it’s not adjusted perfectly it does the same, so I’m used to pushing the clutch all the way to floor, as that’s how I have to drive the Muncie in my...
  13. MT-82 Question 2019+

    to add to this, my 2020 has locked me out of second a could times when shifting at 7300 rpm, but drops right into 2nd if I short shift at 6500. i haven't experienced an issue going into 3rd, that i didn't cause by not having a good foot on the clutch. I hit a bump as i was shifting and my foot...
  14. Adam’s Graphene ceramic coating

    some good info there, but damn I’d be annoying. Lol
  15. trunk opening issues

    its done it since I bought the car a month ago. Surely that’s not the case. The button does work with the doors unlocked
  16. trunk opening issues

    One thing I've noticed with my car, 2020 GT 301a if it matters, with the doors locked and the fob in my pocket I can't open the trunk by the button above the license plate. Is this normal for this car? My old ST and my wife's Flex would open the hatch still so long as the key fob is within...
  17. Adam’s Graphene ceramic coating

    Graphene as a stand alone will not bond, you are correct. I’ve spoken to Adam’s after seeing some of the concerns as of late. The gist of what they told me was that they use the Graphene in their already proven ceramic coating. It’s used solely for its reduction in water spotting properties. As...
  18. Forum promo code Steeda?

    Could I get the coupon code as well? looking at adding your axle back to the H pipe on my 2020 GT
  19. "RWHP" vs "WHP"

    it’s hard to understand why the ST was such a great daily if you haven’t had one. It was truly just a joy to drive. Quick enough to be fun and row through the gears without go to jail speed almost immediately. Lol
  20. Neighborhood Sports Cars and Muscle Cars

    in my neighborhood there are 2 other mustangs, owned by the same gentleman. One is a 05-08 (not sure exactly on year but its a pre-facelift S197) Bullit, and a pre facelift S550 GT. One guy has a 84 Corvette, another guy has a 69 Impala, and lastly another guy has a newish Audi A6 S-line or some...