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  1. Copperhead73

    Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH for 2018+ Mustangs?!

    Both sides, whatever is closest to velocity blue. Edit: just plain "blue" looks closest.
  2. Copperhead73

    Educate me guys - Anti Roll Bars

    Thanks for the compliment! Like TopJimmy, I did everything at about the same time, and I didn't get a chance to push the car very hard before doing the work and between, but I can tell from reduced cowl shake over local wash-boards that the bracing helped a lot and the overall stiffness is much...
  3. Copperhead73

    Tail of the Dragon trip

    I would recommend if anyone has any plans to run it and wants company, post up in the Southeast Regional forum. Those of us near that can subscribe to the forum for posts and keep our ears open.
  4. Copperhead73

    Tail of the Dragon trip

    I was there two weeks ago. I live about an hour away in North Knoxville. Make a post next time and we can meet up!
  5. Copperhead73

    New 6.8L V8 Engine Coming For Mustang in 2022?!

    What I really mean is a "bigger" coyote.
  6. Copperhead73

    S550 owner shows off - into pole

    It's real. Happened here in Knoxville.
  7. Copperhead73

    Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    I'll just leave this here... From the article: "With its cam tucked away in the block, the 7.3 is compact—it looks downright toylike in the vast engine bay—and powerful with 430 horsepower and 475...
  8. Copperhead73

    New 6.8L V8 Engine Coming For Mustang in 2022?!

    A "big block" Coyote would be epic.
  9. Copperhead73

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    BTW, this is how the GM boys do it...embarrassing!
  10. Copperhead73

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    Pics from last Friday on the Tail of the Dragon.
  11. Copperhead73


    Went to run the Tail of the Dragon this past Friday.
  12. Copperhead73

    What wind deflector / windscreen should I buy?

    + +1 on the Audi. The Ford and Love the Drive models both use up the entire trunk if you have to remove it on the road. The Audi takes up very little space because it folds into a "square" rather than a "rectangle". I also was able to pick mine up for $150.
  13. Copperhead73

    Going back to an S197 a bad idea?

    Very late reply...but I wanted to point out that boosted 700 WHP car is not a problem to daily. One of the nice things about forced induction is that it is only there when you want it. I dailied a 700WHP Termi for several years. If you stay out of the boost, it is just as docile as any other...
  14. Copperhead73

    Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH for 2018+ Mustangs?!

    paging VelossaTech...any updates? The weather is starting to cool...want to get more of that air in my airbox!
  15. Copperhead73

    0% for 84 months Financing on 2019 Mustangs (not including GT350)

    This. Also, if you take the full 84 months to repay, because of inflation, by the end of the loan you are paying back the lender with dollars that aren't worth as much as when you took the loan. The $500 a month at the beginning of the loan has more buying power than the $500 a month at the...
  16. Copperhead73

    Used S550 Prices going up?

    You all ain't seen shit...look at Jetskis!
  17. Copperhead73

    2018 Mustang vs. Nissan Leaf

    +1...had mine a year and I am still in love. I look for reasons to go for a drive! As for the leaf, my sister-in-law lives in Atlanta...they got their leaf because of all the incentives at the time. She was essentially making money off driving it for a few years. If they are going to wave...
  18. Copperhead73

    Mach E in the wild

    A buddy spotted 4 Mach E's driving together on I-75 in Knoxville, TN last week. Michigan tags on all. One was in camo, the other three were not.