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  1. ice445

    Torn diff bushings

    Not really given it's a small tear and no adverse effects have been noted. That's why I'm trying to avoid having to hand the car over for 5 years while they order and install an entire new subframe since you can't get the dumb ass bushings.
  2. ice445

    Wait! Ecoboost got RevMatching?

    Not surprising, the Ecoboost has a different variation of the MT-82 so it probably took a bit longer to update it.
  3. ice445

    Torn diff bushings

    Well I don't, the dealer does under warranty lol. But I HATE going for anything not absolutely essential.
  4. ice445

    Engine Coolant over temperature

    Replace cht and check the wiring then
  5. ice445

    Aluminum vs Poly diff bushings

    Nvh with aluminum will be god awful. Lowest amount of deflection so nice on track, but you can get 80% there with poly with way less noise. Durometer/shore determines hardness of poly bushings
  6. ice445

    Torn diff bushings

    Has anyone used inserts and a sleeved bolt to repair torn bushings?
  7. ice445

    Coyote Exhaust Note

    Yes, the Bullitt has more fuel overrun in the tune. More pops and burbles.
  8. ice445

    Coyote Exhaust Note

    Ford's default exhaust, at least on the 18+, focuses purely on the low end growl and muscle car type sound. I threw on muffler deletes and nothing else and love it, it sounds amazing, and I've not heard one person in my friend group that doesn't love it. It's stupidly loud of course, but it grew...
  9. ice445

    Torn diff bushings

    I found mine with a small tear on the driver's side recently, car's at 7k. Kind of pathetic honestly, I haven't even launched it really. I'm probably gonna install the whiteline insert kit they offer now which just fills the voids of the OEM bushing. Should help prolong its life, versus wasting...
  10. ice445

    Engine Coolant over temperature

    More information needed. Why was the ECM replaced? Are there any stored codes?
  11. ice445

    2010 GT V. 2019 F150 Crew 4x4 2.7 Ecoboost

    Okay this is amazing lol, didn't know this even was an option still. Let alone with a 5.0. Lucky man!
  12. ice445

    Cooling Mod?

    Needed no, valuable yes. They didn't change the head cooling design. Running boost imo is the best reason to do this mod, since more power = a lot more heat to disperse in the same time frame. NA its not really a big deal. E85 also would make this a non issue.
  13. ice445

    So do females ever post unaltered pictures of themselves?

    100%, always. Thin women will show full body pics, fat ones never will.
  14. ice445

    So do females ever post unaltered pictures of themselves?

    The last 10 years, yes. Women are raised hating how they look. Not sure how it happens so frequently, honestly.
  15. ice445

    Connecticut Performance Pack Brakes fresh takeoffs Calipers/Rotors/pads/lines/dust shields/bolts: $775

    Dang, I want but the timing is off. These will sell quick
  16. ice445

    Almost became a statistic today

    Dang, at least I'm not the only one haha. Definitely a butt pucker there. My incident was at low speeds like this too, definitely makes it that much more unexpected.
  17. ice445

    2020MY Coolant confusion

    That doesn't make sense though, it either mixes or it doesn't. As far as air, I swear my car burped more at 7k miles, or I had a mystery leak that left no evidence, lol. It coincided with me using the heat again though.
  18. ice445

    2020MY Coolant confusion

    It's just because the air in the heater core takes forever to get removed after the factory fill. I've never seen one that isn't low from the factory. Unless it's at the bottom of the reservoir there's seriously zero concern, just wait until they send you the right stuff. You can mix the orange...
  19. ice445

    Help on New Engine or Buyback!

    It happened again with the later c6 z06 ls7, theyre notorious for dropping valves. And let's not forget the V8 Taurus SHO with its camshaft sprocket failures that would destroy the whole valve train. Unfortunately common in the performance world to have these types of issues from time to time.
  20. ice445

    Speed Phenoms GT500 has clutch overheating problem on drag strip pass

    C8 uses the same DCT im pretty sure. And I've heard of a few failures. Inevitable on new products really