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  1. Jmk

    2016 Shelby GT350 Widebody Fathouse Build

    Anyone know what wheels are those?
  2. Jmk

    Need 4 Speed Motorsports Still Alive ??

    All I would say is if someone is a potential buyer that is reading this thread, look else where for wheels. There are other choices out there with better costumer service.
  3. Jmk

    Need 4 Speed Motorsports Still Alive ??

    Not to highjack the thread but my personal experience with N4SM was just as bad. They are extremely friendly when you are buying their wheels it’s when you have an issue that they ignore your call. Try calling from a different number you’ll get a response then. Trust me.
  4. Jmk

    2015-2016 Tech Pack and Base GT350 Cooler Solution Discussion

    I think what you need to do is use external temp switch to control the pump. Fathouse does a nice job with adding a sensor for their temp controller which is not in the same spot as the factory one. Another cheaper solution would be to use Weldon pump with their thermo switch.
  5. Jmk

    Redline Goods interior question.

    I was wondering if any one with gt350 replaced their shifter and e brake boot to alcantara? I’m planning on doing that to match the steering wheel. I ordered samples. To me looks like lighter gray 9052 is the closest. Did any one swiped theirs out? What color did you chose? What was the final...
  6. Jmk

    Redline Goods shift boot review and install

    Does any one had their gt350 shifter and e brake replaced to alcantara? I’m considering of picking up the alcantara 9052 with silver stitching from redline seams to match well. Any input on the color choice? Thanks
  7. Jmk

    Stupid question- removing push pins for zl1 rock guard instalation

    If that doesn’t work try a different style one.good luck
  8. Jmk

    Stupid question- removing push pins for zl1 rock guard instalation

    Seams like the opening or the hole is too tight or the additional layer of plastic is restricting full opening of the push pin. I would pull that pushpin out make sure it is not damaged then try to reinstall it. If it persists I would add more pressure. See if that does the trick. You might need...
  9. Jmk

    Stupid question- removing push pins for zl1 rock guard instalation Buy yourself one of these. They make it so much easier
  10. Jmk

    Last year for V8 2024 (and Mach-E discussion) via Ford Performance conference call

    Ford says old ways, old timers? I was 36 when I bought my GT350. I would think that is prime market but what do I know. They also say it’s happening if we like it or not. That is their right, it’s their product. You or I don’t have to buy their product. I’m due for a new daily and was seriously...
  11. Jmk

    Illinois ———SOLD——-6GR 7 spoke for sale

    No they are sold
  12. Jmk

    Things Ford Shouldn't Have Cheaped Out On.

    Where did you get the alcantara boots from?
  13. Jmk

    Center wheel caps

    Agreed. They charge you for the name.
  14. Jmk

    Center wheel caps

    Sve r350 with Ford Performance center cap
  15. Jmk

    LMR GT350R replica wheels

    I had mine sve 350r for about 3 months. No issues paint quality, in my opinion, is better that of 6gr’s no swirl mark on these. They do fit the car better to. For the money it’s hard to find a better deal. I can’t tell you the longevity of the wheels but I have not seen bad reviews. Here’s...
  16. Jmk

    Chicago land show your support

    Hope to see you there. If it rains it will be rescheduled the fallowing weekend. I’ll be in black gt350. Stop by
  17. Jmk

    Chicago land show your support

    Please show your support for our wounded veterans/first responders. Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a local car show south of Chicago. Come out participate or just check out cool cars. Registration between 930-noon the day of.
  18. Jmk

    Illinois ———SOLD——-6GR 7 spoke for sale

    They are available