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    End of production of Shelby GT350/R after 2020. Will resale price climb?

    Yep. Compare the GT350 to the other brands on Autotrader and the likes and see how many of each on listed. The GT350 is fewer by far

    looking for the R emblem in the picture

    I emailed them direct this week and they confirmed they can do the R in Guardsman Blue. So take my money.

    Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    I bought the GT350R for two reasons the manual gearbox and the VooDoo. All other parts and pieces are irrelevant to me when its come to the Mach1. I am just fortunate to stumble on my HEP R and have a little piece of history.

    BMR Jacking rails vs Steeda jacking rails


    BMR Jacking rails vs Steeda jacking rails

    Anyone have the factory torque spec for these bolts for the install?

    Who built your 350


    Official “Love my Ford Dealership” thread

    No Ford Dealer experience other than the sale of my GT350R. It was Sam Packs Five Star and went well. Didn’t know who had what experiences in Dallas/Fort Worth.

    Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    I'd like to know as well. I have traded a few PM's with him. But 305's seem plentiful on 20" wheels

    Catch cans... need some advice

    Oh and make sure you have small 10mm and 7/16 wrenches. It will make your life easier. And do it on a cold engine compartment.
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    Catch cans... need some advice

    I read extensively and watched many a YouTube video. Went with the JLT. Takes two minutes to install passenger side. Driver side takes about 10 min if you have the wrenches handy.
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    Anyone have good spare tire caddy ideas??

    Looking for caddy ideas to install around the compressor of my GT 350R. Thinking of road hazard items plus funnel and quart of oil, etc. needs to stay in place with vehicle motion. Thanks, Tex
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    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    I drove my 350R “spiritly” to and from work today. What great sound to experience. Tex
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    Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    FYI. I emailed them the other day. 2021 registration is to open some time in December.
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    350R HEP R Catch Cans

    Mine no. Interwebs reading says that boosted motors generate more in the cans. But I could be wrong.
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    350R HEP R Catch Cans

    Right at 3ml without the residue that was wiped from the can
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    350R HEP R Catch Cans

    Cans were installed at 70 Miles. Trip from dealer to house. I will most certainly monitor oil levels with this much discharge at 300 miles. But from what I have read the boosted motors generate more discharge than naturally aspirated. We will see.
  17. TENTEX

    350R HEP R Catch Cans

    I put 300 miles on it this week and pulled the passenger side today.