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  1. Buckwampum

    Thank you Ford!

    Rock on, my man! Glad the A10 fills the bill. My dad worked with a gentleman who had lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident, (washed out on the bike, slid under a guard rail with his right arm up and that was all she wrote). Guy was pretty amazing, could still drive a stick, even with a...
  2. Buckwampum

    Mach 1 performance “very very close to the GT500”

    Glad you liked it! I had a slightly larger track, circa 1976, and my older brother and I just about wore it out in the long Adirondack winters where we grew up. However, we were pikers compared to my brother's friend Albert, who had a mega-spread setup, that took up his whole basement. It...
  3. Buckwampum

    CFTP wing mount water leakage

    [QU I like your fix. Was/Is this an issue on the GT350?
  4. Buckwampum

    CFTP wing mount water leakage

    So how is it that those spoilers will not be a theft target extraordinaire? Any thief with a Li-Ion battery Sawzall will have that off in <5 mins!
  5. Buckwampum

    How Many Others Have a November 2020 Build Date?

    Funny, the picture of your wife in your signature appears to be a 25 year old woman..... If that's your wife, congrats! If not, then I hope she doesn't log on to read your posts! :crackup: I'm only at a lowly 27 years of marriage. As my dad said (married 59 years), the first 45 or so are...
  6. Buckwampum

    2020 GT500 Tire Leak

    My recollection is that each patch lowers the tire's speed rating by one level
  7. Buckwampum

    Help on New Engine or Buyback!

    OP, how did you end up making out with the car? Did the dealership tell you what caused the motor to die?
  8. Buckwampum

    2020 GT350 GT350R VIN Spreadsheet Thread

    I'm 2175 and mine has been stuck at the auto yard (an hour from my house), for the past week. supposed to get it by Tuesday. Enjoy your car, I'm right behind you....
  9. Buckwampum

    2020 GT500 Tire Leak

    You can make some dish soap/water solution and apply it to the tire. Take the valve stem cap off and try it on the valve first. Next I'd go around the bead. Bubbles=leak
  10. Buckwampum

    Mach 1 Options Prices

    Now that brings back memories. The year: 1985 The Place: my driveway, upstate NY Young 19-year-old me decides to change the diff oil in my '69 Cutlass. It's rusty-but-trusty, like any upstate NY car with 16 years of road salt abuse. I unbolted the 12-bolt diff cover and started hitting it...
  11. Buckwampum

    Help on New Engine or Buyback!

    I’m just a dude, playing a dude disguised as another dude......
  12. Buckwampum

    Mach 1 Options Prices

    The rich irony is that Scandinavian countries are held in high regard by the "Democratic Socialists" in our country, as an example of how y'all get "free" healthcare and "free" college educations. I chuckle when I hear these platitudes because for several years I have worked for Danish...
  13. Buckwampum

    Speed Phenoms GT500 has clutch overheating problem on drag strip pass

    Wow, how can the trans be pooped when you were still coddling the motor during break-in at 400 miles? That is not good. Now I suspect contamination or a trans component defect. This situation is starting to feel like the Voodoo engine failures, where there is no post-failure diagnosis because...
  14. Buckwampum

    Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    Rumor has it that this former aerospace engine builder now works on the Romeo Niche Line. Fresh off his recent successes on the Gen 1 Voodoo FPC engine, he's already hard at work on the Gen 1 Predator 5.2 mill: Meanwhile, I'm picking up my new 2020 GT350 this week and I'm praying for a good...
  15. Buckwampum

    Chassis J1073, are you here?

    A few months back, someone did the same type of post and the new owner turned up. The OP in that case included the car's full VIN in the post and the new owner found this forum via a Google search on the VIN. Very nice of you to do this by the way!
  16. Buckwampum

    Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    Short road course:
  17. Buckwampum

    Mach 1 Options Prices

    That's not a hood gap, that's the optional "UAW Aero Package"! It's an exciting, no-extra-cost option that enhances engine cooling by taking additional airflow from the high-pressure front grille area and routes it right under the hood! This package also improves front-end lift at high speeds...
  18. Buckwampum

    Mach 1 Options Prices

    The pictures I've seen of the 2021 Mach1 don't show NACA inlets. I see air outlets similar to a Mustang GT hood, but they are not NACA in design.
  19. Buckwampum

    Help on New Engine or Buyback!

    My 02' Z06 engine grenaded due to a defective valve spring. Spring broke, valve dropped and broke piston/rod and bent the crank. Chevy had changed the P/N for the valve springs because the early version (on my motor) turned out to be defective. Can we get someone w access to Ford part...