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  1. QCGoose

    Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    I wish the 350 came with at least that short of gearing, if not even shorter. For an engine with such a stratospheric redline and a powerband that favors the top-half, 3.73s are waaaaay too tall.
  2. QCGoose

    Post your pictures of how Ford doesn't give a crap

    Holy crap...
  3. QCGoose

    An Ode to Velocity Blue

    Hear! Hear!
  4. QCGoose

    Car and Driver Sends The GT350R Off With a Farewell Review

    My smile forms as soon as the engine fires up lol. That cold-start roar of the Voodoo is just pure audio porn. :inlove:
  5. QCGoose

    Post a picture from recent drive

    I just finished its first oil change in the afternoon and then the wife and I took it for a nice backroad drive before our dinner date last Saturday: I absolutely love this car.
  6. QCGoose

    Who built your 350

    Evan Bradley built mine as well! Very cool.
  7. QCGoose

    Car and Driver Sends The GT350R Off With a Farewell Review

    Exactly. Neither of those numbers can be felt, so who cares? I wish people, and manufacturers, would quit chasing trivial numbers and focus more on the driving experience. Hence why the GT350 is such a dream to drive: it's sensory overload in that car. If clicking the button into Drive and...
  8. QCGoose

    Carbon fiber dash panel

    Except that CF actually looks good. :devil: It was the only option I wanted on my 350 when I placed the order.
  9. QCGoose

    Post a picture from recent drive

    Damn I wish I'd known about this. I'm usually up that way all the time on my motorcycles and have been itching to get the 350 up on those roads. Such a beautiful region!
  10. QCGoose

    Seriously, how does the EPA rate this car at 14 city and 21 highway?

    I'm close to 1100 miles on my '20, still on the original oil but have been breaking the car in by driving it in and around the cities with varied RPM, shifting, engine braking, and the occasional blast through a couple or few gears up to 6500-7000 RPM (haven't gone past that yet), and so far...
  11. QCGoose

    Favorite ENGINE You’ve Owned?

    *pours one out* That was a legendary engine.
  12. QCGoose

    Favorite ENGINE You’ve Owned?

    Actually GM pulled it off first with the old 3.9L OHV V6 used in the Pontiac G6 GTP (and maybe a couple other FWD cars, I can't remember) before replacing it with the DOHC 3.6L that they eventually put in everything. As far as I recall, that 3.9 was the first cam-in-block engine with variable...
  13. QCGoose

    Useless (but interesting) trivia

    I agree because I could keep reading more like those for hours on end!
  14. QCGoose

    Useless (but interesting) trivia

    @Bikeman315 :clap: That was a fantastic read!
  15. QCGoose

    Flat Plane Crank fad

    And me as well, though not a Vette. I originally wanted a Viper (2nd gen GTS Coupe), but the wife was adamant that whatever I got had back seats for our two young boys. I wanted something special, where every drive was an event. Hence, GT350.
  16. QCGoose

    Anyone else's come with green coolant?

    Thanks guys. I just wasn't sure if perhaps it was a factory "oops" since I've never seen green coolant in any other Voodoo.
  17. QCGoose

    Anyone else's come with green coolant?

    Every pic and video I've seen of the Voodoo shows the coolant as the usual orangish pink stuff; mine was delivered with green coolant. Any rhyme or reason for the switch from Ford?
  18. QCGoose

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    So glad I can finally join this thread: Though it wasn't "today", yesterday I finally took official ownership of my Shelby and drove it! Put around 55 miles on it; most of those with my youngest son who just turned 4. We both had a blast, and it was almost as entertaining watching and...
  19. QCGoose

    20,000 miles and no PPF??

    Right on! RA is definitely on my list. I've been there for events as a spectator and passenger, but it's definitely a mission of mine to track the car there one of these days. I love that place!