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    My '19 350R with Signature Forged SV503s in OEM sizes.
  2. Storage solution on side of center console/shifter area?

    Honestly I wanted to buy a proclip mount, but the way it attaches could ruin the CF dash (and it blocks the oil gauge), otherwise I'd have just gone that route. I like driving this thing better than my F150, I just want a wee bit of storage in arms reach... I googled a bit and I'd like...
  3. Storage solution on side of center console/shifter area?

    Yeah it's a 350R so manual only... Also I like to have coffee and so does the wife so we want to use the cupholders Doesn't really help me. I want quick access to my parking pass, my phone, etc - and having to reach backward into the console doesn't make it easy/quick. Storage in the door...
  4. Storage solution on side of center console/shifter area?

    Looking for something to store a phone (while hooked up to usb) and a couple small things like my wallet and work badge etc in my GT350R When I had a previous car I just got a little velcro cargo next that was about 8x5 and velcro'd it to the carpet on the side of the foot well kinda near/below...
  5. DSC Sport controller - Post your experience

    Well I have an R so I think this might work for me
  6. Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    Strictly comparing 350 or Mach1... Nothing will really replace the R And brakes are an easy upgrade, pads/fluid and you're likely close enough that most drivers wouldn't notice. Engine of the 350 is seen by many as a liability, not an asset (at least GEN1 anyway) - so I'd say that's moot.
  7. Gt500 wheels/tires on a 350

    Surprising the 500 has narrower rear wheels than a 350R.
  8. Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    Honestly my 2 cents is that the Mach 1 WILL be VERY popular... Has the better transmission and the majority of the GT350 goodies, it has an engine that is proven to be reliable and more efficient (port and DI) and responds to mods much better. Anyone who was going goin to supercharge/turbocharge...
  9. DSC Sport controller - Post your experience

    Thanks for the input. Honestly I kind of want the controller for the street to soften the car up on uneven pavement/non-glass smooth roads. I could totally live with swapping out the controller (to put back the stock one) on track days if it offered better street manners with the DSC.
  10. DSC Sport controller - Post your experience

    Specifically curious if the ride was softened/stiffened with the "out of the box" calibration on Normal and Sport modes.
  11. End of production of Shelby GT350/R after 2020. Will resale price climb?

    Rs will be valuable (specifically 20s and 19s w/ gen 2 voodoo) but 350s will not be. I don't think they'll go UP in value, but will HOLD value well. We probably won't see the hold for 6-18 months though
  12. What are you using for non-track/street brake pads?

    Fun fact, GLOC was started from former Carbotech employees :)
  13. What are you using for non-track/street brake pads?

    This is my experience with them on my '17 SS 1LE. Great street pad with so much less dust. They do ok in back road bombing too, but definitely need to be swapped out for something more aggressive when it time to get the car on the race track.
  14. What are you using for non-track/street brake pads?

    Seems like not much has changed since my last car... Z26 (which are less powerful in high temp) for low dust, or Hawk HP Plus/HPS (which are as/more powerful) but higher dust. I ran Raybestos ST 45 and 43 before for track pads, will probably stick with those. I think the cost and low dust of...
  15. 2019 GT350 Production Numbers and Take Rates (Colors, Options & Configurations)

    Nice - TY 1 of 179 350Rs in white, but 1 of 31 with black roof (and potentially 1 of even less because it' has stripes). Of course I don't think any of that adds value but it is cool to know
  16. What are you using for non-track/street brake pads?

    Curious what everyone is using and how much you liked/dis-liked them. I'd ideally like to find something that works as well/better than stock pads and dusts less.
  17. Virginia Palm Beach Dyno / HP Tuners Ngauge

    Not married to a car, right? (if that's even how these things work these days, it's been a while for me)
  18. 700+ hp 5.2L flatplane voodoo

    Oh the irony. There used to be one in Salisbury (which was like 45 mins north of me in Charlotte) now the closest is in Shelby which is over an hour away lol.
  19. 700+ hp 5.2L flatplane voodoo

    Also - recommendations on intake manifolds? I can't find any info on making the Cobra Jet work (seems like it's for 5.0s only? does it still bolt on? modifications required?) FED I assume is only making Cobra Commander's one off one? Isn't on their website. Plazmaman is $4250 (AUD, but that...
  20. 700+ hp 5.2L flatplane voodoo

    I'd probably do the .036 then... Just a bit, likely safe on 93 with a proper dyno tune. I think if I had E85 near me then .030 would be the jam. Sadly E85 is roughly 40-45 mins north of me and I don't want to be driving up there just to fill up the car (or even have cans in my truck to fill up)...