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  1. oldbmwfan

    First Trackday

    Definitely keep getting out there, and look for a club that does mandatory instruction for novices. PCA, BMW CCA, Audi Club all tend to be pretty good. At any of these there are likely to be instructors who own and drive similar cars, which can be helpful.
  2. oldbmwfan

    PSS or non-R SC2 for wet track day

    Correct. As the guys said above, the Cup2 will grip wet pavement quite well, but it sucks for evacuating water (no lateral grooves and shallow tread depth overall = hydroplanes easily in any standing water). Light rain or damp road or track and temps >45F and the Cup2 are fine. Heavy rain or...
  3. oldbmwfan

    Car and Driver Sends The GT350R Off With a Farewell Review

    I don't think most GT350R buyers give much thought to 0.3 seconds and 3mph trap speed at the srip.
  4. oldbmwfan

    Cajones GRANDE

    This is right on. We actually did a (wet!) track day at Spa the day before we hit the Nurburgring. That was in a rented Focus RS, also through RSR. Freaking awesome track. At Spa, like most road courses, you can be all over the curbs. At the 'Ring, it's best to stay off all of them unless you...
  5. oldbmwfan

    Cajones GRANDE

    Not really. We rented a car through RSR Nurburg, and they have an Assetto Corsa sim in the lobby. We showed up early and I did 4-5 sim laps, which helped a bit. My friend and co-driver had done many laps on a sim at home, so he had that advantage and clearly knew the track better - but I have...
  6. oldbmwfan

    Cajones GRANDE

    Yeah, that's why I played it safe and lifted if I wasn't 100% sure! The big jump in speed comes when you know the course well enough to know where you can keep the throttle open. I am not there yet.
  7. oldbmwfan

    Cajones GRANDE

    I've done 3 laps at the 'Ring in a Renault Clio Sport (very similar power/weight to a Fiesta ST). I chose to rent a lower-powered car on purpose, because the track is intimidating enough without the car also being a handful. Times were 10:31, 9:51, 9:48. It is very hard to learn and even on the...
  8. oldbmwfan

    Zl1 tow hook question

    I did my own, and did not remove the front. Pull the belly pan and it's doable that way. Relocating the temp sensor is a little annoying with limited reach, but not bad.
  9. oldbmwfan

    Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    GDP contribution is another way to measure it, but I used aggregate federal tax paid vs. federal funding received, divided by population.
  10. oldbmwfan

    Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    It's a pretty simple metric, total federal tax paid by state residents less total federal dollars disbursed to the state. Because our government redistributes funding through programs, some states are net suppliers and some are net consumers of tax money. FL is one of the larger net consumers on...
  11. oldbmwfan

    Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    That's like bottle shops in Delaware and NJ, across the border from Philadelphia. Or fireworks shops in IN across from Chicago. People will always find a way to satisfy demand! Note to those in SE PA: if you do large-volume liquor runs to NJ or DE, use different routes going and coming. I have...
  12. oldbmwfan

    Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    Belgium, eh? No diesel or petrol new company cars allowed after 2026, so starting the ICE draw-down 9 years earlier than CA. Denmark, banning new ICE vehicle sales in 2030 and all ICE vehicle USE in 2035 (that one is pretty extreme) France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, and many others...
  13. oldbmwfan

    Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    Yeah, the world's 5th largest economy will just shut down if they phase out ICE sales in a subset of the transportation sector over 20 years. I guess all of Europe will die off, too. :-/
  14. oldbmwfan

    I did it again, could not help myself... bought another car

    As an E39 M5 owner ... yes. I generally avoid any BMW with a V8, but the S62 is just so good, and the overall package is so right, that I deal with it. I bought one that had already had piles of money poured into it, and I still went in another $5K above my purchase price in the first 16 months...
  15. oldbmwfan

    GT350: Caveat Emptor

    Lightning can strike twice, I guess.
  16. oldbmwfan

    Front Splitter Question

    If the long screws that run forward at a 45* angle are installed properly, it won't likely come off, but you should fully seat it. Fold up a shop rag thick, put it against the lip of the spoiler directly in front of each clip, and then give it a good whack with a heavy rubber mallet. It should...
  17. oldbmwfan

    2020 GT350R - Spare set of wheels/tires options?

    FWIW my brake calipers were scratched within a few hundred miles of taking delivery. I remember the first time I pulled away from a light and heard a faint screeching noise as a pebble dragged the caliper and ceramic barrel coating. No big deal, shit happens, it's a car, you drive it. But I was...
  18. oldbmwfan

    Who here has taken off the front splitter on the 350/350R?

    Ha, just poured an IPA after I typed that up
  19. oldbmwfan

    Who here has taken off the front splitter on the 350/350R?

    At street speeds, you don't need any downforce at all; you aren't exceeding the mechanical grip of the tires. All functional aero serves two purposes: 1) Increased downforce, which is only really useful for higher-speed cornering, or 2) Reduced drag, which is always useful for fuel economy All...