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  1. Car and Driver Sends The GT350R Off With a Farewell Review

    Maybe the 5.2 CPC and 12:1 compression will be in the next Boss Mustang?
  2. 90 Miles from Cuba

    Couldn't agree with you more on the long distance comfort and fun of driving this car many miles at a time. Bought it precisely for that purpose as well and not disappointed at all, especially love the Recaros.
  3. What's the funniest/oddest/ignorant comment someone said about your 350?

    Driving home from the grocery store last Sunday. Car pulls up next to me matching my speed on the right. Ignored him thinking he wanted to race. Happened to glance over and he had his hand cupped behind his ear. Took the hint and at the next light put it in sport mode and revved it a bit...
  4. Front Splitter Question

    Would second your instinct to take it in to a reliable dealership to double check and make sure it's seated properly. Often when they are not seated correctly they also didn't use all the clips and screws because they didn't watch the installation video to get it correct in the first place.
  5. Reality check video

    If your point is we should not be racing other cars except on a track with proper instruction and safety equipment I am in total agreement. But even without racing most of us probably push these cars and get into dangerous situations that could be deadly even when not in traffic or urban areas...
  6. GT350 vs GT350R Magneride Shocks

    So it looks like you decided to stay with the AG. Good choice!
  7. Would you trade 350r for F-150

    GT350R is a luxury item, depreciating at $3k+ per year. If you are thinking of dumping it, do so sooner rather than later. You have had the great experience of owning it and driving it.
  8. Stripes missing on bottom bumper..?

    Very unlikely it left the factory that way. Most likely as suggested has had the entire front bumper cover replaced due to damage, probably hit some object. May well not show up on Carfax, etc.(owl tool out mine, replaced by body shop under insurance with all stripes, had Suntek and replaced...
  9. What's the funniest/oddest/ignorant comment someone said about your 350?

    Crossed the border into Canada (pre-Covid). Canadian border control agent looked at the car and said "you know we have speed limits up here".
  10. GT350: What's Your Cruising Tank Range?

    Assume you are asking what the digital read out for miles to empty is as I'd never let the car run out of gas. :shock: On long road trips highest is 310-320. Generally fill up at 1/4 tank or more, can start to panic when alarm for the 50 miles to empty goes off as some places in the midwest can...
  11. Car and Driver 20 Greatest of All Time (spoiler)

    Hmmm...or a Boss 317?
  12. 350 Gone...

    Understand the uniqueness of the FPC. May be in a small minority but nevertheless would truly love to see a non-supercharged 5.2l CPC that revs to 7500 with similar hp to the FPC and better torque curve (after all how many really/frequently take the FPC to 8250) in everything else the GT350 is...
  13. DIY oil change (2019 GT350 oil light on is on)

    Gonna second pro eagles comments. Think it's great if you want to change your own oil. However I think problems with dealer oil changes occur at about the same rate as blown engines from the standpoint of what gets posted on forums. As long as you tell them it's a GT350, requires 10 quarts of...
  14. GT350R at MSRP is tempting... but is it worth trading in GT350?

    What is the MSRP on the 2020 R and what do you expect to get for your 2017? I'm guessing you're looking at least at a $30k+ hit after you ppf the R. Only you can say if it's worth it. Believe I was at track attack with you and you drive very well. If you are going to track more might play into...
  15. About to join the Shelby herd but have some ?

    One concern earlier buyers had was engine longevity. Not many have gone beyond the 5/60k mark at this time to tell. While Ford has been great at replacing engines under warranty, if you plan on keeping the car long term and drive a lot, since it is a retirement present to yourself, give some...
  16. Engine Failure.. It finally happened.

    To OP, another possibility aside from the fact that you may have unknowingly bought a traded in oil consumer is that several instances of incomplete filling have been mentioned by others in the past. This car takes 10 quarts of oil with a change and sometimes not every tech knows and only puts...
  17. 3M film and rock chips question

    I see you're in eastern WA. Drove over from MT to Benchmark Auto Salon in Lynnwood, WA north of Seattle for Suntek 3 years ago, guy does a great job. Agree with full hood, front, in front of rears, rockers, door edges, under handles, and rear plastic on trunk lid. Have 1/2 fenders on a...
  18. 15-20 GT350 Timeless Design

    Personally more a fan of the 2012-13 Boss 302 front end especially the headlight area, slightly recessed, more square. Less "stylish", would kind of break up the bulletness (is that even a word) of the GT350. But...happy with my 350!