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  1. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    There is already one between these two..the GT350/R. Made to be the perfect blend of power and handling!
  2. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    I remember all the hype Boss 302 had when it first premiered. With the GT350, Mach 1, and the PP GTs they would hve to make significant improvements to create a market for it…weight reductions being at the forefront. Im for it as well as the 429 ! They should make the Boss 302 the track weapon...
  3. GT350R Winter Wheel and Tire Set Reccomendations

    I have a daily driver myself but Im definitely taking out the car on those cold sunny days when there is very little to no snow. Ive browsed through some threads and there is a lot of inputs on the regular GT350. My R has 305s on the front and 315s on the rear so looking for a tire that will...
  4. GT350R Winter Wheel and Tire Set Reccomendations

    The Heading says it All! Looking into a set of LMR SVE 350s and I need a decent set of winter tires for the cold but not harsh weather in Southern Pennsylvania/Northern Maryland area. Recommendations with tire sizes and personal reviews/anecdotes most welcome!
  5. 2019 GT350R or 21-22 GT500

    Decision has bn made!
  6. 2019 GT350R or 21-22 GT500

    I have a 2019 GT350. I have 7000 miles on it and love the car to death. I initially planned to trade it in to a dealer and special order a 2022 GT500. But man I love that Tremec 6 speed! I cant think abt not hving the 6spd even if I hve 200 more HP. So I lve looked at 19 and 20 GT350Rs. I just...
  7. 2019 GT350 Twin Turbo?

    I appreciate all the inputs..I am still on the line and am leaning heavily towards jst buying a 22 GT500. It seems that the 350s are not built for boost and the compression ratio of 12:1 is another factor to think abt when dealing with forced induction. I have the Gen 2 Voodoo engine and only...
  8. Thinking abt special ordering a 2021 GT500 CFHP..Need some input!!

    How do you know for sure? Ive even talked to the guys over at Ford Performance and they dont even know that…
  9. 2019 GT350 Twin Turbo?

    Lately I have been mulling over two options: Get a new GT500 Or Twin Turbo my 2019 GT350 I love my car and its a blast to drive the 6spd but I really want that extra power. But reliable power. I see that a quite a few people have boosted their GT350s whether it be supercharger or twin turbos...
  10. 2019 GT350 Check Engine Light On

    Bad solenoid..all taken care of !! Thanks guys!!
  11. Thinking abt special ordering a 2021 GT500 CFHP..Need some input!!

    I own a 2019 GT350 and its an incredible machine but lately Ive bn wanting more power..talked to a few dealers and I can special order a 2021 GT500 with a 5K markup MINIMUM. Is it worth it to place an order right now or should I ride out the wave and hope the car market is normal again? Also do...
  12. 2019 GT350 Mods

    Thanks for your input..holding off until the tail end of my warranty!
  13. 2019 GT350 Check Engine Light On

    Car has just over 6000 miles on it and the check engine light is on. I got it before a few weeks ago in the evening but it went away in the morning..? Last time I had it serviced even though it went away and the ford techs said everythings fine and now its back again…any idea what it could be...
  14. 2019 GT350 Mods

    Looking for reputable tune with CAI for my 2019 GT350..worth it? And suggestions?