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  1. Time for a Tune-up

    Fair enough. Cross it off the list, then.
  2. Time for a Tune-up
  3. Time for a Tune-up

    Suspension is mostly Steeda as of a year ago. They emptied my wallet. I'm nearing the point where I have to make a decision about brakes. Since they're the stock non performance pack GT brakes which I think are terrible I have a decision to make. Then I need to think about driveline, and...
  4. Time for a Tune-up

    hmm interesting. I do all of the maintenance on the car myself and have since day 1. Recently I've noticed some slugishness from idle to enough throttle in 1st gear (manual). Mostly off-idle. Not too much hesitation but it's there. I really don't like replacing the plugs without considering...
  5. Time for a Tune-up

    I'm finally past 50K miles. Engine is still stock from the factory - naturally aspirated with no changes to cold air intake, tune or anything. The only thing I changed was adding catch cans on both sides. I'm going to replace the plugs, belts, idler, tensioner, fuel filter, air filter, and...
  6. Shredding Belts

    Wow check out those witness marks. You can see how much the belt is moving laterally by just looking here.
  7. Jack / Jack Stands ?

    lol this is now a commercial for quickjack. I'm starting to feel my wallet spring open.
  8. O/S heated/cooled seats not working....?

    All fixed. It was the module. In short the new part # hints that the new version that replaces the original most likely includes improvements over the old one. Additional information here:
  9. Seat warmer working intermittently

    Fixed! The new module finally showed up Sunday afternoon. I got it installed and the wife tested it on the way back from dinner Sunday evening. All good. So lessons learned: 1. Codes getting thrown that can only be picked up by a live scan tool that lets you test the actual circuit is...
  10. Has anyone gotten an 18" wheel to fit over the stock rear brakes

    Ah sorry - makes a lot more sense. Sounds like you'd be in store for some modifications (maybe). I did a little searching: I hope that helps.
  11. Has anyone gotten an 18" wheel to fit over the stock rear brakes

    Sorry I replied then saw where you posted. You have 19" rims already so what gives? Why would you consider 18"s?
  12. Has anyone gotten an 18" wheel to fit over the stock rear brakes

    Confused - why are you talking about an 18" rim if you have 19" rims already?
  13. PNW Stang Gang

    I'll certainly try but I have a bike shed to build this weekend. Stuff happens.
  14. PNW Stang Gang

    damn I missed this
  15. Best way to clean the taillight panel?

    Brilliant idea. My panel is a mess - esp where I've tried to clean around the black "GT" on the lid and there's micro-scratches. I'm replacing it with a Scott Drake panel here soon with no GT emblem and coating the new one will be critical.
  16. Tires for 19x10 and 19x11 6GR wheels

    I run five spoke Project 6GRs: 19x10 with 35mm backspacing in the front and 19x11 with 50mm backspacing in the rear. I originally had these mounted on them: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S I recently went with these: Michelin...
  17. O/S heated/cooled seats not working....?

    The latest symptom is the relays for the passenger side stopped clicking a few days ago where previous they would click on, then click back off after 10-15 sec. Now that doesn't happen at all right after start-up. So I ordered a new module that goes under the passenger seat as a first step...
  18. Seat warmer working intermittently

    Ordered a new module: The old part number is apparently mapped to this one. We'll see what happens.
  19. 325 Tire?

    I run 325 30 R19's on 11" Project 6GR rims. It has 50mm offset in the back, and with my progressive springs and adjustable shocks from Steeda I can fit a finger between the tire and the brake line bracket. Without all of the frame stiffening, subframe connectors and IRS bushings I'd be risking...
  20. What can we do for You?

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