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  1. Will we ever again see a Mustang on a dealer lot FS?

    Decades long culmination of what happens when everything we buy over here is made over there.
  2. Will we ever again see a Mustang on a dealer lot FS?

    Could be just a lame explanation for the fact they are hardly building any cars and the lots are empty.
  3. Front License Lawbreaker!

    Don't and won't have one. I got a couple speeding tickets in my previous 'vettes, but never hassled for the missing plate. Not sure what my response would be if I was, but I'd probably regret it.
  4. Insurance Premiums

    Four cars, two drivers, wife and I. '13 XTS, '15 Impala, '17 Mustang V6, '91 Caprice. Full coverage (no collision on Caprice) w/ $500 deductible, Travelers ins., $2000 annual. Wife had a $5k crash this year, her fault. We'll see what happens to the premium.
  5. Another Ford Quality Example

    Yeah, the paint is smooth on mine. I see orange peel up the wazoo on MANY new luxury brands.
  6. 2015+ V6 Mustang Belt Noise / Squeal / Whine

    Try spraying a little WD40 on the belt tensioner pulley hub and see if it goes away. My sbc does that mostly when it's cold outside. The pulley hub is just a bushing, I think.
  7. New Mustang Diecast Collection up for sale

    Thanks, snagged the Elvis "G.I. Blues" Shelby Cobra Daytona.
  8. MPG

    Sure, the direct injection in the v8 makes far more efficient use of the fuel, but one reason I bought the V6 was the semi-old school, less complex, multi port fuel injection. Also fine with regular unleaded, about a 90 cent saving per gallon around here. I can get 30, average about 21.
  9. Battery again?

    My '17 no option (spare tire and auto trans) car battery is original. Car also sat unsold for 6 mo. which makes a difference. The last time I put the trickle charger on it took almost a day to reach full charge. Makes me think about a new one before winter. Going to get the biggest one I can.
  10. RIP Charlie!!!!

    Here's a few cell phone snaps of the Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band in the World from the kickoff of the delayed, due to Jagger's heart surgery, No Filter Tour, at Soldier Field. Little lady and I took public transportation, but that's another story. RIP Charlie Watts. edit: the world has changed...
  11. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    Rousch axle backs. The V6 sounds like a real motor now and the tips don't look like the p trap on the kitchen sink.
  12. What did you do to your residence today?

    My basement workshop is undergoing a decades long needed organize. Small house and I can't build out, so mostly going up. Yes, I accumulate stuff. Another month and it should look like something.
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I curbed my Tire Stickers which have 3 years and 20k mi on them. Love 'em or hate 'em (I'm the former), they are "permanent". They sent replacement letters for free, had to buy new glue.
  14. Off with the stripes - Mach 1 graphics removed

    My wife refused to get in the car till I took them off, I can’t say I blame her. You took them off?
  15. Low Pitched Grinding Sound When Turning

    My V-6 started to "groan" when turning in 9-19 @13k mi. especially when first started Changed the fluid to Mobil 1 75-90 and Trans X posi additive. The OE fluid looked fine. Did some figure 8's. Noise greatly diminished and in 300 miles was gone. Car has 22k miles now.
  16. How many of us men without hair own S550s?

    That's not a bald spot. That's my crown. Everyone has one. Want me to show you yours?
  17. Threats to our Prize Possesions [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Lots of Serbians, too. They recently opened a restaurant nearby, and they really know how to party. Wife goes downtown with her girlfriends once a month for some culture. I worked there for 36 years. We go to the city for Sox games and other entertainment. One can find anything one is looking...
  18. Extreme Heat in Seattle - Global Warming or an Unusual Collection of Ingredients?

    I was a draftee in basic training at Ft. Lewis Wa. from May 20 1970-July 19. Sunny, hot, and no rain for 8 weeks. They were using the troops for fire mitigation. Ironically, my subsequent mos (training) came up 93 echo, meteorology, and my daughter is now a climate scientist.
  19. My car is crooked...

    If the surface is not level, the measurements will differ. I use a spirit level on a long straight 2x4 to check and have a dead level spot in a parking garage I use. Did you turn the car around and check again?