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  1. I wanted to say Goodbye

    I want to tell everyone on the Shelby forum goodbye. Many did not know that my car has been suffering from a freak electrical issue that arose in May of this year and stretched into October. What first seemed simple like an odd shaped mole became something of a much bigger concern. Weeks turned...
  2. Wingless GT350R?

    Just to give a complete full answer on this vehicle. I reached out to my major contacts at Ford and Ford Performance and they said definitely that there was no “wing delete option” and no option was ever given to any vehicle per request or any special order vehicle. This and any other vehicle...

    Yep this one has been a long wait for us to finally put the last puzzle piece on the board to know the overall numbers.

    PP001 wrote that quote in March of ‘21, meaning they would be out in June or July of ‘21. The numbers are late since October is almost over. Probably COVID and chip related, where the numbers aren’t top priority and so this year they did not release when they normally do.
  5. Wingless GT350R?

    I think it’s amazing that no one caught it. I would not think that Ford would need pictures on people’s desks saying: “Does the finished GT350R resemble either picture?” GOOD 👍🏾 BAD 👎🏾 ——— Missing a little part is understandable, not good but understandable. Missing a gigantic part is...
  6. Wingless GT350R?

    It’s a weird one. If he paid for the wing, and he didn’t get it, then get got screwed. Whether he installed it or not, there should be a big carbon fiber wing in a wooden crate.
  7. Wingless GT350R?

    I ran across this today. At Hemborg Ford, Norco, CA. An R model with electronics package that does not have a rear wing? I assumed it was a used car that is missing a wing, turns out it is the owner’s car and it arrived that way from Ford. He claims it was a “wing delete”. That doesn’t...
  8. GT350R pre-runner edition??? ummmm

    Not for everyone BUT they are trying to sell it for R model auction prices—$84,000. I don’t see buyers who are looking for an R model investing that money into that car.
  9. 2018 GT350 history

    That’s a really hard bar to pass as there were 3,745 base model GT350s made in 2018. 552 in that color code with a blue stripe. Is it possible that the person was active on the forums? It’s possible, but I wouldn’t count on it, and even if they were, others would probably know little to...
  10. GT350R pre-runner edition??? ummmm

    😂😂😂 I saw this post and thought “you know, I saw this destroyed R model that was WAY worse than the one in this thread when I visited Chino Hills Ford last Thursday. I wonder if they have that car posted on their website yet and what they wanted for that monstrosity?” I went to their website...
  11. Track Attack cars for sale?

    contacting the school is the best approach.
  12. Prices are on the rise......

    I don’t know if it’s a great price. For a buyer yah, but that dealership is trying to move the car so don’t know if it is reflective of a high mileage version as there are others priced higher at other places.
  13. Prices are on the rise......

    always love grabber green and no stripes.
  14. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I can post the work that I was doing now
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Oh nothing. Drove to the Shelby Bash and got photographed working.
  16. Most Historically Significant 2nd Generation Shelby GT350/R?

    I love history discussions however I do not think that there is a comparison that exists to say that there is a 21st-century version of 5R002. I just do not believe one exists. 5R002 was the creation of a small group of hot rodders led by one charismatic business owner, who was given the...
  17. Got some magic happening...need some luck

    Multiple owners is because many are speculating, buying to flip. Not because there is an issue with the car.