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  1. LTH w/ Stock resonator, what axleback?(Steeda or Roush)

    I have the SW catted LTs with a stock resonator and stock cat back. Perfect level of sound for me. I also have electronic cutouts but at full throttle I worry that it will trigger the airbags.
  2. Dynotech

    Welp, just arrived without any notice. Looking forward to having it installed soon.
  3. Dynotech

    I ordered a one piece from Dynotech based on the favorable opinion of their gear compared to other brands such as DSS. But that was over two months ago and they aren't answering their phones or emails. There is a message saying that they are in the process of moving warehouses, but that is...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Worth 10 to 15 horsepower easily.
  5. What can we do for You?

    Hey Benny. Please send me a code for some puddle lamps I'm ordering. Thanks!
  6. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Doesn't populate under Levittowns search bar but I found it with a google search. Weird. Thanks again.
  7. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    Can anyone repost the correct part numbers for the Cobra replacement lamps going on a 2017 with existing ponys? All of the links are dead now and levittown isn't showing them under any search descriptions that I can find. Thanks...
  8. Covid Shots

    This is likely to confuse some people. Now he's telling his supporters they should get it.
  9. Brembo Big Brake Kit

    I'll price them out. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Brembo Big Brake Kit

    This morning I was very excited to see the red banner describing the spring and brake sale. When I looked up the Brembo Big Brake Kit (that I really want and have been waiting for a decent sale) I was more than bummed to see the price seemed a hundred dollars more than it usually is. What...
  11. Covid Shots

    I had my series about a month and a half ago. First dose was a sore arm, second made me slightly ill for a day and a half. I'm glad I had it done. Some people have very mild symptoms, and it's possible that I contracted the illness sometime during the past year and didn't realize it. I thought...
  12. Show me those quiet longtube S550s! (15-17)

    I love the tone and volume of my LTs to stock catback, especially at WOT. But I have been tempted to replace the resonator with an H-pipe, but I'm worried about ruining the sonic balance I have now, and I'm too cheap to try it out and risk wasting a few hundred bucks on one. What are your...
  13. Show me those quiet longtube S550s! (15-17)

    QTP Qtec50s 2.5" with wireless controllers. I like them better than with a wired switch because you can open them partially for a different sound. It's my version of an active exhaust. I don't think you can go wrong with them.
  14. Show me those quiet longtube S550s! (15-17)

    I have LTs (edit, with cats) with a healthy tune running into a dead stock exhaust with the factory suitcase, and I think it's the perfect level of pitch and volume. Zero rasp and it keeps the neighbors friendly. Video doesn't give you an accurate idea of the ultimate sound of such a set up...
  15. Dash scratch

    Awesome responses. Thanks for all the valuable advice, I'm glad I didn't have a go at polishing it. I wish I could ignore it, but that was never an option... I'll try some of the more gentle methods and leave it at that. I'm sure it will turn out fine.
  16. Dash scratch

    Literally undrivable now...
  17. Disable key fob panic button?

    No crap. I don't know how many times I wondered what idiot's car was beeping only to figure out it was mine after a couple minutes because I sat down weirdly while the key was in my pocket. Now I leave it in the car when it is in the garage and keep it in an empty pocket when I have to carry it...
  18. 1/4 mile Set up for daily driving with 305/45/17 rear tire.

    What do those guys weigh, front vs. back?
  19. What would you do? E85/93 Octane Tune

    If they had E85 around here I'd dump the 93 tune in a heartbeat. I've considered having drums of it sent to my house because it's such an easy mod.