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  1. Carbon Fiber Wheel Tire Change WITHOUT Damage! (How To) video

    You're lucky you found a shop that is willing to work with the CF rims. My local Ford dealership (that owns the latest-and-greatest Hunter equipment) refuses to work on CF rims because of the cost liability. So, I had to buy my own tire changer/balancer. Got a nice kit from Derek Weaver in...
  2. GT350 Splitter Hardware ?

    There is no separate fastener kit sold for the front splitter. The splitter and fasteners are sold as one part number. You can purchase the pieces individually. The half-moon white plastic pieces are also used to hold a portion of the rear bumper cover.
  3. 315/30 up front on the GT350R - Permanently

    I run 315 Cup2s on the front rims with no issues.
  4. New Gt350r Owner ! $57,000 CarMax Wow!

    This has become a very interesting thread. Happy for the OP who now owns a VIN R. But come on folks…just like a “Golden Ticket” CFTP GT500 without the CR CF wheels on the car, or in its owners possession and included in the sale, is hardly a “golden ticket”. A GT350R without the CR CF wheels is...
  5. New Gt350r Owner ! $57,000 CarMax Wow!

    ace2020, No offense intended. Only to state that you need to experience what FP intended with the R by the use of Carbon Revolution's incredible manufacturing feat. If you do find a set of CR CF wheels, I highly recommend you run them.
  6. New Gt350r Owner ! $57,000 CarMax Wow!

    No storage of the CF wheels here. Run 'em! Anyone can make a non-R an R, but it'll cost ya. R by VIN, but not an R without those spectacularly light wheels.
  7. Caliper Paint - G2 Blue

    I like. Did you or did you have someone powder coat/paint them for you? Is the "Brembo" a decal or painted?
  8. Dealership Trust

    I understand your distrust. Historical data dealing with stealerships and their disservice departments has created that relationship for some. I highly recommend using a battery tender on your new battery. That'll maximize it's life.
  9. GT vs GT350, Thoughts?

    Trolling the other side of the 6g thoughts as a former S550 Mustang shopper and non-R owner...get a GT350R and you’ll know why eBay has a used 2020 R listed for $120K. You won’t regret your purchase.
  10. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Let’s face it, prices are up. GT350s are an awesome car and demand is high (even for a Tech Pack) and production has stopped. During my 2019 search for a second GT350 (a DD) I found a nearly zero-mile, unregistered 2018 non-R for $52K in SA. I passed because the same dealership had an inbound...
  11. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    PP0001, Does your comment, “based on the current demand I suggest that they know exactly what they are doing”, mean that they (and the previous owner) know how to keep a GT350 forever as a showroom queen and out of the hands of a consumer? If so, I agree with you.
  12. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Tom was very convincing that the new owners want very close to MSRP (no doubt because of this thread) even though he knows it would sell quickly for $10-$15 below MSRP. I hope he calls me back when the owners realize it’s a 6 YO GT350 model that has a class-action law suit pending in FL courts...
  13. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    Tom mentioned invoice was around $55K. Not sure what invoice really represents nowadays.
  14. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    I also talked with Tom again today. The Zeck bosses in Kansas think this car is still worth keeping around the dealership. Once I heard him say asking price was near MSRP, I stopped thinking I want this car.
  15. Gift Box Goodies?

    Buy the car. Forget about the toys. The GT350 Owners' Supplement is a lot like the leather flying jacket to USAF pilots...Who cares? Now missing out on the FPRS GT350 Track Attack is a completely different issue.
  16. Zeck Ford Itasca, TX

    I've called the dealership twice to inquire asking price and spoke with Tom yesterday. He said the new owners "haven't yet decided how much they want to loose on the sale". Was hoping for a call back yesterday. Will post the asking $ when I get a reply.
  17. Rare 2015 GT350 #76 on Bring a Trailer

    GR378 is black/white stripes. GR227 is DIB/black stripes. GR378 is low miles (garage queen) and was found while looking for a non-R DD. It fell in my lap for a “stdeal” that I couldn’t pass up. Blue gets driven, but not as a DD. Still looking for a GT350 DD.
  18. Carbon driveshaft installed

    I hadn't heard that. I figure it was more a cost to produce issue since CF is much less conductive of vibration/noise than metals.
  19. Carbon driveshaft installed

    I could feel an immediate difference after installation of my QA1 CFDS. No more bucking at driveway/parking lot speeds. It is worth the cost and time to install just to eliminate that. Plus, it's lighter and stronger...and should have been standard equipment.
  20. Help a new driver! Spirited driving, traction control & sliding for a noob driver

    If your 350 is performing DD duties...purchase another set of rims and install PS4Ss. Best DD "upgrade" for the money, IMHO. If track driving, replace the Cup 2s. I've had a few cold tire "oh sh!t" moments during a hard accel and the back end breaking (slightly) free. The nannies have always...