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  1. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    So is the consensus the resonator delete pipes shouldn't be attempted unless you are welding?
  2. Another Ford Quality Example

    How does this make it out the door. It's in plain sight. Do they even inspect these cars before shipment? Oh, and the oil pan was crushed during shipment. And of course they are all on backorder.
  3. Another Ford Quality Example

    Would you guys accept this? As much as I hate it, don't really want to have the entire fender repainted.
  4. Trailer a GT500 CFTP

    How hard would it to get a CFTP on a U-Haul trailer? Bought a car 400 miles away. Would prefer to trailer home and do proper break-in when home. Thanks much.
  5. How check on order?

    Ah. I'll try that.
  6. How check on order?

    It appears Ford Performance still has their office closed. Is there anyway to check on a build status?
  7. Interested in a Rapid Red GT500 w/ Black Stripes for $2K ADM?

    Rapid Red Recaro's Carbon Fiber I/P Vinyl Stripes Vinyl Side Stripes Technology package Handling Package MSRP $82,860 + $2K ADM = $84,860
  8. Interested in a Rapid Red GT500 w/ Black Stripes for $2K ADM?

    Backing out of GT500 order that was +2K over MSRP. Have VIN and scheduled to be built on 4/20. PM me if interested.
  9. Super Snake?

    I’ve seen some large discounts on Super Snakes - ie $120k discounted down to $103k. At this price point, does it become more of an option versus the GT500? One large consideration point for me is a 5.2l engine designed from start for boost. But I have to admit it’s got me thinking.
  10. Dealer playing games or incompetent salesperson?

    Thanks ChuckXX. They did join Shelby club and he said he had no issues entering the order for the CFTP. As I understand it, the dealers without the allocation for CFTP couldn't enter the order. I may be wrong on that though.
  11. Dealer playing games or incompetent salesperson?

    Background. I signed a contract for the first allocation of a GT500 with an out of town dealership about 1.5 years ago. I also gave them $5K which they cashed immediately. Fast forward to order banks opening up and I place my order for a CFTP car. I received my order as you can see below...
  12. 2018 Shelby Super Snake

    I know generally the Shelby Super Snake is considered grossly overpriced. But I've found a brand new 2018 Super Snake with a list price of $120,400 that the dealer will sell to me for $109,000. Does this change anyone's opinion?