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  1. High oil pressure while driving?

    My oil pressures are also the same.
  2. Tow hook

    Just came about a week ago. I did not have enough time to install it for my event.
  3. Tow hook

    Same here, took over a month and lousy customer service. The lousy service ruins the perceived quality. They do not answer their phones half the time either.
  4. GT350 owners that like the car

    l love my car, just wish it had come with a tow hook. But, really love my car!!!!!!!
  5. Some grease visible around the front axle boot. Normal?

    Just changed my oil and saw the same grease in the same spot. Sounds like its normal.
  6. My first Mustang! Finally!

    Congarts, beautiful car.
  7. Trailering

    Do you know if these will work with jacking rails installed? I think this is the way to go.
  8. Trailering

    Getting ready to buy a open trailer and wondering about the best tie down points. Noticed some of the vendors sell tie down brackets that bolt to the underside of the car. Seems like a good idea to me, what ya all think? Thanks
  9. H-Pipe Resonator Delete!! w/video

    Sounds awesome, very cool.
  10. Tow hook

    Good to hear, gonna order one up. Thanks
  11. Tow hook

    What is the consensus on RPI Desgins tow hooks versus the ZL1? Looks like the RPI might be easier to install.
  12. 2019 GT350 Twin Turbo?

    Excellent points.
  13. 2019 GT350 Twin Turbo?

    I am also leaning toward twin turbos, it works well for Porsche and look how well they track.
  14. Lost 3rd at the track

    Classic throw out bearing symptom, at least they do not have to tear into trans. But they still have to remove it. Hopefully all will be good after that.
  15. Carbon driveshaft installed

    Good stuff, thanks
  16. Automatic or Manual

    Same here, made the same mistake. Not again.
  17. Tow Hook

    Cool, thanks.
  18. Tow Hook

    Did you remove the front bumper?
  19. Tow Hook

    Anymore new info on this?
  20. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    Is your car part of the recall? Glad they are getting you taken care of.