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  1. A little better look at Craig Jackson's Hornet Green 2020 GT500!

    I noticed the same thing. It almost looks like the fender was painted before assembly. The rear quarter flares out, but does not have the same color shift. Love the wheels, but not the red/green centers. It looks cheesy.
  2. 2020 Shelby GT500 PRICING (MSRP/Invoice) Including Packages & Options

    A Porsche 911 does not have 760 HP.
  3. 2020 Shelby GT500 PRICING (MSRP/Invoice) Including Packages & Options

    Yes, a fully optioned GT500 is outrageously expensive. Keep in mind most of these will either sit in the collections of millionaires or will be raced. Considering the performance capabilities and prestige that comes with the GT500 name, a hundred grand does not seem out of line. I'm sure Ford is...
  4. SVE GT7 wheels on sale

    I just purchased a set of the GT7's from LMR for a 2015 V6 I just got a month ago. I was going to get the wheel/tire set but they were sold out of the tires I wanted, so I just bought the wheels and got the tires from a different vendor. The day after the tires arrived I brought everything to...
  5. Ford Mustang Twitter Horsepower Reveal

    I say it will be 750hp. The last digit is definitely a "0". I do not think it will be the 5hp over the Corvette ZR1, the GT500 will not be it's direct competition. Even with 760hp the mustang halo car would not beat the ZR1 on the track.
  6. Rich

    Comment by 'Rich' in item 'My TR6'

    I used to have a Spitfire back during the early 80's. Owning a Triumph is like dating a temperamental woman, a lot of fun but high maintenance.
  7. Time to say goodbye to the mustang!

    If you need a family sedan with a useable back seat, the Charger is a great way to go. Good choice.
  8. Rich

    Comment by 'Rich' in item 'OLIVE GT'

    I like what you did with the mods. That grille goes great with the wheels.
  9. Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts Four Leaf Clover in 900HP Mustang

    I bet ya he toasted the rear tires.
  10. Grabber Lime Revealed for 2020 Mustang Lineup, Including GT350 and GT500

    I usually do not like green on cars, but this one looks great. :like:
  11. 2021 Mustang GT Refresh Rendering (based on first spyshots)

    Actually, I was referring to the 2018 refresh and the rendering the year before of that model. I prefer the original '15-'17.
  12. 2021 Mustang GT Refresh Rendering (based on first spyshots)

    No. I did not like the rendering of the refresh, and I still do not like it as much as the 15-17. The earlier version was much more cohesive with the rest of the car. The lines followed through and it has a good aesthetic. The refresh looked like a collage of a bunch of other cars, and there...
  13. Border wall negotiations

    All government agencies involved with border security are on record stating that more and better barriers are needed to deter illegal immigration. Areas where those barriers have been build caused a dramatic reduction. This allows border security to focus on areas where a barrier is not...
  14. Border wall negotiations

    I fully agree with the spending issue, and your frustration that Trump is not fiscally conservative. The reason he was not able to address the immigration problem before is that Paul Ryan is a lying scoundrel. He has always turned a blind eye to illegal immigration. Ryan travelled to the boarder...
  15. Border wall negotiations

    The United States has the strongest economy in the world. We have the strongest military. The US still controls much of the global banking system. We have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights (which is why the federal government will never take away our free speech or steal our guns). We also...
  16. Border wall negotiations

    Evidence shows that tens of thousands of illegal aliens take advantage of ridiculous voting rules. They enter the country illegally, so many vote illegally. There is very little accountability in our voting system. Besides, the democrat party knows most people who cross the border illegally are...
  17. Border wall negotiations

    I do not think Roberts is a dim bulb, he is just not very principled and acts more like a politician than a chief justice. And Kavanaugh has never been the conservative the media portrays him to be. He has always been a right leaning moderate. Trump is very tenacious and will do everything in...
  18. M6G's Live Photos of the 2020 GT500 Reveal

    A convertible probably couldn't handle the torsion and horse power. It would require way too much addition body bracing.
  19. 2018 Cobra Jet [Now Available For Orders]

    Anyone want to speculate on the horse power and torque?