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  1. Why are magnaflows qiuet

    Hey man thanks a lot . Do you work with lethal or corsa cause I'll definitely be changing it when I get time
  2. Why are magnaflows qiuet

    God dang that looks like nothing I ever seen before lol lots of pipes
  3. Best H-pipe for 3rd gen Coyote GT

    Here ya go man watch this and also there some difference between h pipes but not much cause the sound difference is from length and weather it's 3 in or 2.5 or something
  4. Why are magnaflows qiuet

    I didn't buy any , my buddy did and I just wanted to know how their loudest system compares to like corsa xtremes or borla ataks
  5. Why are magnaflows qiuet

    When it degrades how loud are they?
  6. Best exhaust?

    I hear ya man just those are to high pitch for me I like deep low rumbling and raspy with pops and ALOT ALOT ALOT of volume
  7. Why are magnaflows qiuet

    Why are magnaflows quiet? and do they get louder?
  8. Best exhaust?

    I think the same way brother and also whatcha think about Flowmaster outlaw axle backs
  9. Best badass mustang

    The new hood vents remind of the ones on the 67 mustangs
  10. Break in on gt

    Is there a break in on a 2021 gt ?
  11. Best exhaust?

    Y You got a video? I'd like to hear it lol
  12. Got big chip in my 21 gt

    Nope wish they did tho cause mine is rapid red with black
  13. Got big chip in my 21 gt

    Yeah it sucks when it happens but then you got story's to tell and laugh at lol
  14. Best badass mustang

    In yall opinion what's the baddest and most ass kicking mustang made to me its the terminator
  15. Got big chip in my 21 gt

    One of my good buddy's from high school has a nice terminator cobra and he was on a ladder in his garage and dropped a wrench on the hood and it bout made me sick looking at it and it ain't even my car
  16. Mustang week

    How's mustang week going I can't come down this year lol any good stories yet lol
  17. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    Not to me cause there's no extra power or graphics or body work it's just a track gt
  18. Best exhaust?

    Yeah lmao sissy shit that why I aint throwing a Karen ass gasket lol
  19. My BULLITT/GT 500 Morph !

    If you supercharger it do a kenne bell