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  1. Arkansas 18x5 VMS Front Runners BNIB

    Pair of 18x5 VMS Front Runners BNIB- opened for pics Pic of specs- fit 05-21 Mustang $435 shipped. Can send out the day they are paid for this week.
  2. Arkansas 2020 Mustang GT Premium PP 401A- Hellion Sleeper Twin Turbo - Fore Fuel System

    Up for sale is my 2020 Magnetic Mustang GT that it's time to part ways with. Only 5,1XX miles. The car will still be driven on nice days until sold. Specifics/highlights: Premium - heated/cooled leather, blind spot assist, nav, etc Performance Pack - brembo's, PP wheels & tires 401A - digital...
  3. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    Tuner responded and said exact same thing. He said it’s for sure valve float. Going to put loudvalve cutouts on the car and see if that’s enough to mitigate the problem.
  4. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    I have no clue, only put it on the [email protected] 13 psi, but I would think you would easily make 650-700 @ 7 psi on e85
  5. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    started tuning on gate pressure- ~7-9 psi, then used the eboost street controller to start turning it up
  6. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    I was thinking the same. And I can only see peak held boost. I’ll see about methods to data log boost throughout the run.
  7. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    This is how I anticipated my Dyno graph looking. I’ll send my data log from the run and Dyno graph to my tuner and see if he can see any correlation with drop in power.
  8. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    I did not get boost actuated cutouts, and this was a concern of mine. It’s 3” back through MBRP mufflers.
  9. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    had a shop do it as I got a “buddy” deal of the century. $2,000 for all of it to be done - Opg, turbo kit, fuel system
  10. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    PBD Level 1 Hellion Package w/ NGauge and Eboost Street ~$8,600 Fore L1E w/ basically all the upgrades (FC3 controller, Honeywell switch, boost/vacuum block, upgraded to high pressure Walboro 465’s, stainless filter, etc) and ID 1050X ~ $3,000 opg/cs package ~$400 All-in-all around $12k and...
  11. Base Hellion Sleeper Kit Results 2020 Mustang GT

    Well, finally got my car on the Dyno today to see what power it’s making. 2020 Mustang GT Hellion Sleeper Kit w/ base 62/66 ‘s Fore L1E w/ dual Walboro 465’s 1050x Billet OPG’s 824/756 @ 12.9# on e85 Peak hp was made @ 6450 rpm.... and was expecting power to climb to redline. Any thoughts...
  12. Boost drop? Hellion TT w/ EBoost

    Nice! I’m hoping a Dyno will give me a little more info. In the mean time I’m going to check all my lines and clamps over. I may decrease and raise the set point a few points and see what happens. If it adjusts accordingly then it’ll ease my mind, if raising my set point doesn’t yield a raise in...
  13. Boost drop? Hellion TT w/ EBoost

    Thanks man. Yeah, traction is the biggest issue.... that and making sure there’s no issue causing the boost drop that I need to look into besides increasing my set point to get that 14 psi back.
  14. Boost drop? Hellion TT w/ EBoost

    only tried twice, haven’t gotten a great run in yet. My best was 5.2 sec but I spun 4th and short shifted to 5th as I panicked about hitting redline before letting it eat. Thought about adding a sandbag to the trunk and try for 4’s. Hasn’t been on a Dyno yet, all Street tuned. I have a...
  15. Boost drop? Hellion TT w/ EBoost

    So I just finished getting together my 2020 Hellion Sleeper TT setup. While all tuning and data logging was done, the EBoost Street was eventually set to a SP1 (set point) of 40 which yielded a max of 14.1 psi. Over the last two days I’ve made a couple of hits to essentially get a feel for the...
  16. VMS Wheel guys - what lug nuts?

    I use the lugs Lethal offers for VMS wheels and they work great
  17. Thinking of hidden twin turbo kit.

    My 2020 Mustang GT is currently getting wrapped up with the Hellion Sleeper kit. Hopefully will have the tune finalized by PBD by Wed/Thurs depending on timing and getting it just right for 93 and e85. Super clean off the shelf kit! If you're not planning on going to the strip or launching the...
  18. on3 single turbo for 2018+

    At 800 whp your trans will most likely be your weak link, followed by half shafts, and maybe OPG’s would need upgraded. A RST clutch w/ Ben Calimer trans combo should increase the life of the transmission. I wouldn’t build an engine for 800whp. with a turbo, at minimum you would want larger...