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  1. Thank you Hellion

    noshine, sorry to hear about your engine failure. I know exactly what your going through. It happened to me last year, I had the Sleeper kit installed on a 19 Bullitt and 350 miles later it threw a timing chain. Disappointment isn't a word to describe it, it was a devastating blow to my...
  2. Bullitt owners only - How old are you?

    51 - Black 2019 This is my second Bullitt - previous was a 2009 (Also Black) Guess I'm with 5BullittO in that I'm not a purist, 2009 was supercharged, 2019 is Twin Turbo :like:

    Better flow, less opportunity for valve float I guess. They do sound good and are nicely put together.
  4. Oil pump gear help

    Hey Thanks Buddy - my car isn't lowered but it is a Bullitt but I don't think they're sitting any lower than a GT, at least the 2019 verison isn't (I believe). Had a 2009 which was definitely lower than GT's of that time period. Hmmm, I wonder if it's an option to upgrade the kit. Guess I'll...

    Yea, I'm sick of that response....... lol
  6. Oil pump gear help

    Thanks Waz, your guess is more believable than what I was told. Whatever caused it, it sure ain't cheap, new motor was north of 10K and hopefully will be installed in the next month or so. Hey, I also noticed your Hellion set up doesn't have the "Oil Catch Box" (or whatever they call it)...
  7. Oil pump gear help

    Slowpoke, Wazslow, if it wasn't the OPG's that caused the chain to snap, what are your thoughts about what the most likely culprit was? I honestly would like to hear yours or anyone else's opinion, not meaning to hijack Superman's thread though.
  8. Oil pump gear help

    From my <personal> experience, I would shy away from doing OPG's. I'm not sure if it was truly the culprit for blowing my stock motor (that's what the shop told me), but that's what they said. I had my Hellion Sleeper installed in July last year (along with OPG's) and 300 miles later the motor...
  9. Best Long Block for FI?

    Good Point Jackson1320... GreenS550, this is my 3'rd Mustang, first time with a Coyote. All three have had FI installed. Maybe I fell for all the hype about the stocker OPG's/CS's being shit, and well - since it's a manual car believed it would be good insurance especially since the upper RPM...
  10. Best Long Block for FI?

    I can't imagine wanting more than 900whp for a street car. But, I said that about 700whp damn it's a slippery slope no matter how you look at it. IDK, having an OEM Product like the the Aluminator might ultimately increase the resale value vs. a rebuild.
  11. Best Long Block for FI?

    Question: I was looking at the Aluminator SC, and although it's built for SC / FI applications, the warranty information doesn't say it covers it? Ugh, are there no engine companies that offer a warranty for FI? (I mean, I would have thought if it could be proven it was properly tuned maybe?)...
  12. Best Long Block for FI?

    Yea, I'm thinking of doing just that, maybe get a quote from RareFab/PBD
  13. Best Long Block for FI?

    Gen 3 Aluminator for SC looks appealing (9.5.1 compression)- kinda pricey though. Can't find much info on the Predator, is it available yet?
  14. Best Long Block for FI?

    Wazslow, you're correct - OPG/CS were installed. Mechanic had a hard time finding a puller that would work I recall. Wondering if it was the first he did on an 18, but I know he triple checks everything and follows Ford Manuals for the procedure. Wow, I just don't see this happening too often...
  15. New Turbo Setup, Codes Codes and more Codes

    Yea, I know.... It could have been anything really, might have even happened without the installations. I'm being told 2018's+ are hit or miss with FI applications. Some have no issues, while others do. Any Engine Companies currently offering a warranty on boosted applications? I certainly...
  16. New Turbo Setup, Codes Codes and more Codes

    Dear God, but do you think the mechanic will own up to it? Probably not. He was insinuating I might have over revved it, which I hadn't. Did I make a few pulls into the upper RPM range? Yes, but never in first or second gear, and not above redline, I mean for craps sake they're supposed to...
  17. Best Long Block for FI?

    Thanks Guys, you've given me food for thought, much appreciated. Still can't believe the stock block let go after only 300 miles on the Hellion Set up. It was tuned by Lund, etc... I mean people do this all the time and have no problems, I guess I've fallen into a category of one in a thousand...
  18. Best Long Block for FI?

    Well, let me elaborate. With about 7.5 lbs of boost, it made 717 whp and 518 torque. While this was impressive, it still did "Feel" like where I want it to be? This is my third Mustang. First was a 91 foxbody with a Vortech, second was a 2009 Bullitt with a Roush M90 maxed with all the...
  19. Best Long Block for FI?

    engineermike, well what would you suggest for either fuel option, I am curious since there appears to be a difference, and why?
  20. New Turbo Setup, Codes Codes and more Codes

    " Were opg/cs installed with the turbo kit? " Yes Sir.