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  1. New FPC Z06

    I love this new era of sports cars. Seems like manufacturers are capturing the appreciation for naturally aspirated engines again. So happy they dumped the supercharger.
  2. New FPC Z06

    Completely agree. The voodoo is definitely unique and will be remembered as such but this is how a FPC should sound.
  3. New FPC Z06

    I wonder if this engine will vibrate its oil filter loose as well 🤣 Love this car! It sounds amazing, sounds like it wants to rev, sounds truly exotic. Chevy did this engine right. 670 from a 5.5 liter is crazy. I wasn't a fan of the exterior on the silver car they released previously but the...
  4. Watson 4pt Roll Bar - First Impressions and Review

    I never said I was finished 🤣
  5. New Michelin PS4 (front) and old PS4S (rear). Traction control problems?

    I think it's more likely that you are getting more comfortable with the car, getting on gas sooner, and therefore TC kicking in more often. I had a similar experience when I was starting out. First couple track days (and in Sport mode) I never saw TC kick in. Then as I got more comfortable with...
  6. Watson 4pt Roll Bar - First Impressions and Review

    I think the instructions tell you to fasten the main hoop to the floor with the legs attached and mark on the floor where to drill but that didn't provide enough wiggle room. I had the legs attached but the whole piece unbolted and moved it around until the whole thing sat where it was supposed...
  7. New Rant/Meme Topic

    I see an ungodly amount of manual vs auto threads on here but I'm surprised I haven't seen this discussion lately. @Mikthehun1 you want in on this? Let the fun begin. Happy Friday everyone 🍻
  8. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    Was it supposed to be seats only?? Shoot....I must've gotten carried away 🤣
  9. Watson 4pt Roll Bar - First Impressions and Review

    I recently installed a Watson 4pt roll bar and wanted to share my thoughts and opinions for anyone curious or interested in adding one themselves. Firstly, I chose Watson over the other brands simply because Ford uses Watson for their factory race car cages in the FP350S and I believe the GT4...
  10. Ewheels Road Course Build

    If you're still curious about noise, I drove the car around town with the windows down. I actually didn't notice too much noise increase. Echoes a bit more but nothing too drastic. I was surprised. ....then I got on the freeway and rolled the windows up. It was just as loud with windows up as...
  11. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    They look like this :giggle:
  12. New LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica)

    There is no secret sauce. It's been done a million times. Hell, Apex Race Wheels tells you how to run 11" square right on their website. It's nothing new
  13. Cooling Fans Not Working?

    But does our car?
  14. 11's all the way around?

    That's fine. They're not meant for the street
  15. 11's all the way around?

    This makes me sad 😢 "sticky" as in grippy. And 200 treadwear tire. He's talking about grippy track tires
  16. RTR - A warning before purchasing

    This I completely understand. If this was the point you were making in your original post, I apologize. Did you buy direct from RTR or an online vendor? I've had nothing but amazing customer service from LMR. American Muscle is usually quick to respond as well
  17. RTR - A warning before purchasing

    Agree with @Cobra Jet , this looks perfectly fine. You own a mustang, not a Ferrari. You can't expect aerospace grade precision from a mass market car and equivalent aftermarket parts. (I work in aerospace and to get .001" precision, it costs thousands) Especially that last picture....are you...
  18. Ewheels Road Course Build

    🤔 might be worth adding to the wish shopping list
  19. Ewheels Road Course Build

    That could help. The Steeda rear camber arm thing....does that help lock it into place or just makes adjusting easier?
  20. Ewheels Road Course Build

    Car is coming home today! Very excited to drive it with the new roll bar and gutted interior for the first time. Also had an alignment done. New specs: I asked for -3.0 camber front but this is as far as it would allow. Looks like I'll be cutting the strut tower hole next time to get passed...