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  1. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    Will there be 19” figment for GT 350’s lighter than stock ? Thx
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    First Track Day ever and it rained from time I left home until I returned. Cup 2’s with 7500 miles Fun Wow !! Masks required for Drivers and Instructors. Can’t wait to do it again in the dry :)
  3. Best mods for track/street combo driving

    What was the impact on the tram lining going to 305 on the front ?
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Added side stripes
  5. Custom GT350 knob from Billetworkz

    Anybody have tips on breaking loose stock knob ? Twisting by hand not working ...
  6. Upgrade to GT 350 from GT PP1

    The financial decision was more about the GT350 being a better pick than a 2020 PP2 premium at a $20k spread or waiting on a 2021 Mach 1 for about the same money? The Voodoo and Shelby looks won out ! No Regrets 😎
  7. Upgrade to GT 350 from GT PP1

    Did the swap just over a week ago. First impressions are the biggest differences are steering responsivenes and how the voodoo engine pulls. The tremec is tighter than the mt82 but not that dramatic. Tramlining is real on crappy roads but you forget about it when listening to the exhaust note😎...
  8. Upgrade to GT 350 from GT PP1

    Loved my 2017 GT but 2019 GT 350 in a whole other league ! From Lightning Blue Kona Blue White Stripes Recaros & Tech.
  9. Where to get springs compressed? KW/Guelph or close Check this guy out close to you in Cambridge
  10. MagneRide vs PP1 Ride ?

    I am happy with the handling of my 2017 GT with PP1 but the ride on crap roads is pretty harsh. Has anybody gone to a newer model with MagnaRide from an older PP1 that can comment on how much difference it makes on crappy roads ?
  11. Lightning blue instead of Magnetic?...owners come on in

    What percentage tint is that ?
  12. Was anyone else nervous before buying an S550?

    Relax and enjoy the car - Life is too short - If you can make the payments go for it and enjoy - Based on your other rides you have sacrificed long enough !
  13. Color Decision...

    LB all the way !
  14. Why are you buying a 2017 GT instead of waiting?

    Here yang go Sunny Day in the Greater White North:clap2:
  15. Why are you buying a 2017 GT instead of waiting?

    Ceramic interior - Wanted something different than all my all black interiors I have had over the years - It is more of a warm gray than a white and looks great with the Lightning Blue - We will see how hard it is to keep looking good over time - Better not spill a coffee :)
  16. Why are you buying a 2017 GT instead of waiting?

    Ordered 2017 end of December and took delivery 2 weeks ago. Saw pics of 2018 and did not like front end. Wanted to enjoy car now not end of year going into winter when 2018s are due . Loving my MT PP GT !
  17. Tint Shop recommendation GTA West

    Thanks for the suggestions getting quote from detailing shop .
  18. Tint Shop recommendation GTA West

    Picking up 2017 GT today Lightning Blue PP. Looking for a good Tint shop and thoughts on tint %. Have had upto 20% on past cars but can be tough to see at night out back window Thanks