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  1. Front Bumper

    KR3Z-8190-AA retails for $377.27 and is currently on backorder until 3/16.
  2. Dumb Question Thursday: How do I stop the loud start?

    There is the normal valve cycle that happens when you push the clutch, however the car does stop the valves in a partial open position and then does a cycle to closed once the engine starts. The easiest way to avoid this is the AWE tuning exhaust module, which gives you total control over the...
  3. 2021 GT500 Order Banks Now Open! List Your Order

    I put my order in on the 11th for a twister orange, black vinyl stripes, recaros, tech package and carbon dash.
  4. Dealer ADM

    At this point it's all over the place. I see 3-5 base models a week posted within the GT500 groups I'm a part of for MSRP. I even saw a CFTP at MSRP last week. But for every one at MSRP, I see 15 at $8k-15k+ ADM. Really boils down to how far you're willing to travel and how hard you want to...
  5. Drive mode vs Exhaust mode error?

    That does seem a little odd. When I had an issue with my exhaust valves sticking on the GT350, it would say "drive modes unavailable" and "exhaust selection unavailable" and I couldn't switch either unless I shut the car off and turned it back on. Maybe there's a failsafe to keep the valves from...
  6. Ford Predator V8 Replacement Long-Block Engine Costs

    By ford’s whacky definitions, long block is fully dressed (or mostly dressed in some cases) service engine has block, rotating assembly, and complete heads, and short block is bare block with rotating assembly only.
  7. 2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    About 8 grand for the rack and the column internals are the same as any other mustang. So around $1200 not including trim pieces, steering wheel, or electronics.
  8. 2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    Idk if you’ve seen my trickles of part pricing in the forums, but a long block, CFTP wheels and CFTP wing together cost as much as a whole fully loaded base GT500 and then some.
  9. Ford Predator V8 Replacement Long-Block Engine Costs

    The really messed up part is Ford considers a short block as just the block, crank and pistons.
  10. Ford Predator V8 Replacement Long-Block Engine Costs

    Service engine is basically block, crank assembly with pistons, and valve train with heads. The assumption being that you can transfer the other components over from the old engine. Long block is the whole kit and kaboodle including supercharger, injectors and the lot. Half the time ford’s long...
  11. Ford Predator V8 Replacement Long-Block Engine Costs

    *Sigh* I really dislike automotive journalism sometimes. $24,748.43 is the cost for a service engine only. The full long block is $43,539.37.
  12. 2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    A full long block is $43,539.37, and a service engine is $24,748.43; both plus labor, fluids, misc bolts and so on.
  13. Sport seat indentation

    If you want to shoot me the last 8 of your VIN I'd be happy to check price and availability for a new cover and cushion for you.
  14. Vermont 2017 GT350

  15. Vermont 2017 GT350

    I sold to a dealer because I had it for sale everywhere since July and couldn’t get any bites. I took a hit on it but it’s better than holding on all winter. Now someone in PA will buy it for $4k more than I was asking. And the plan now is to get a GT500 from the dealer I work at.
  16. Front bumper cover removal

    Not that I know of, but I can get higher quality screenshots for you if you’d like.
  17. Vermont 2017 GT350

    If anyone in the PA area is looking for a black GT350, my car was bought by Fred Bean's Ford in West Chester. Original window sticker, complete owner's kit, and OEM cover were all in the car when it was picked up.
  18. Vermont 2017 GT350

    Bump and price drop to $48,000.
  19. Selling gt350.. do you let someone test drive?

    They offered me 35K for my 17 with 9100 miles. I laughed.
  20. Stuck Active Exhaust Actuator (GT)

    That's the old part number and is no longer stocked in any warehouse. There's 5 dealers in the entire country that have 1 left each.