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    ...I back out of downstairs into the road (private), drive around my house to wash the car, wash/wax the car, get in and drive the car back around the house to downstairs. All the while being serenaded by a 'seatbelt chime'........:crazy: (why would I buckle up???????)
  2. 2022 Losing 10hp

    ...yea!! I remember my Grandson driving everything I've owned. From sitting in my lap driving my/his '98 S10 ZR2 to his getting to brag @ school because he had a pic of him driving my '20 Scat Pack Challenger to the '15 Camaro SS to my '17 Mustang GT to him driving my '21 GT to the Saturn Sky...
  3. 2022 Losing 10hp

    ...yep. Mostly bragging rights. Of course if we were 16, it would matter.
  4. 2022 Losing 10hp

    ...does anyone really think a 10 hp loss will be that noticeable?? Couldn't the engine be tuned easily to make up for the loss? I went from 435 for my '17 GT to 485 in the '20 Scat back to 460 in the '21. Now, the Challenger did overpower, and dropping 25 hp over against the Challenger was...
  5. any leads on White GT500 non track pack I stated, I didn't read the particulars.. However, in another thread I stated I did a search on, Within 500 miles of western NC, there are 167 NEW GT500 for sale........
  6. any leads on White GT500 non track pack

    ...quick search on showed 166 GT500 within 500 miles of western NC.
  7. Engagement Ring Idea

    ...not the size of the stone, it's the sentiment behind it. When wifey and I got engaged, I was POOR. About all I could afford was a 1/3 carat diamond. She was happy with it. Her wedding band is a nickel her father made into a ring. For years, I was secretly ashamed of its size because she is...
  8. any leads on White GT500 non track pack here looks like. Didn't read the particulars......... scroll down.........
  9. Home maintenance vs dealership

    ...for service, for my '21 GT it will be a Valvoline Quick Lube. After motorcycle wrecks and Heart surgery, I welcome the help.......... :clap: (I'm 66 yo anyway)
  10. Delivered! Don’t touch!

    ...I picked up my '21 GT in VA. I did NOT know VA was a 2 plate state. When I got there, the salesman said they were gonna drill for the front license plate. He told them to hold up, he thought NC was a 1 plate state..........:like:
  11. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!) this the latest reincarnation of Johnny Depp??????????
  12. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    ...draggin' your chin, huh??????????
  13. My favorite photo

    ...this is my Grandson, Tyler I love my Daughter, but..........THIS BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our cars and the boy;
  14. My favorite photo favorite photo...... & my Buddy........:clap:
  15. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    ...Certs?? How about if I just eat the Starlight mints?????????
  16. 2019 GT PP1 1st gear weird spinning noise

    ...release the accelerator and change gears............:clap:
  17. Do you rev at other Mustangs? Can't think of any more of a 'child-like' act than to rev your engine at a passing (whatever) car. I thought automobile drivers were supposed to be adult.............:frown:
  18. GT Performance Package cars getting Pirelli tires from factory again? '21 GT PP1 has 'em; P ZERO that is...........:like:
  19. GT350R Heritage

    ...I have an ol' cheap '21 PP1 for 4 months now and it only has 1000 miles on it. I didn't buy it to drive but just every once in a while................................:crazy: