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  1. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    I got an email from ford that my production date is 10/18/21. But when I Check the tracker it still shows nothing. So if Ford says car is scheduled to be built 10/18 when would I realistically get the car?
  2. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Btw, was your out the door cost 57K?
  3. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    That is awesome. Thanks for your reply. I am just not sure how being out of state is going to play out.
  4. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Hi Zach, I have ordered my car from a California Dealership fully optioned with the Manual transmission for $63,000 MSRP. If you can do better than that I would be happy to purchase from you, plus I want a whipple under warranty on it, which I know you offer. My order was placed on 06/26 and it...
  5. Get a New Mach 1 With a Whipple & Keep Warranty Coverage

    Hi Zach, my 2021 Mach 1 is scheduled to be delivered by October, 2021. I really want to add a whipple with factory warranty (And CARB legal since i live in California). Do you have any information on this? Thank you
  6. Very low low-end torque/power

    hmmm this does not make sense, i would think the 3rd gen would have more low end torque with the direct inj/port inj combo? OP, either way as everyone has said, if its under warranty definitely take it to dealer.
  7. Very low low-end torque/power

    Did you have a tune on the 14? Usually the stock tunes on these cars suck, I would throw a Tune on it and I am sure you will get the snappiness back.
  8. Challenger beats Mustang in sales.........

    I can never get past this ugliness
  9. Mach 1 vs Camaro SS 1LE

    I hate these guys, they always talk smack. Their reviews are garbage.
  10. Anyone went FI yet?

    WOW great info thats awesome to hear. I am looking forward to the whipple!!! Who did your tune? Thanks
  11. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    I ordered mine 06/26, I was told it will take 3-4 Months.
  12. Tremec and clutch biting point

    Would you guys recommend the Steeda Cluth spring mod? I personally liked the way my 2014 Clutch feels, I drove a 2018 and that was wayyyy to light didnt feel like I was pushing anything.
  13. My Mach 1

    Congratz beautiful
  14. Anyone went FI yet?

    WOW! Congratz just like the one I ordered, looks amazing.
  15. Anyone went FI yet?

    Yeah I agree, nothing on there mentions maximum torque values.
  16. Anyone went FI yet?

    WOW that is awesome! I am waiting on mine and I am already thinking of boost lol. please give us more info. How much power you putting down? and did you have to do any supporting mods other than rear axles? Boost a pump?
  17. Ordered 2021 Mach 1

    Hello, I am excited I just put in my order through my dealer for a 2021 Mach 1 Premium, Fighter Jet Gray, 6 speed, Mach 1 Handling package and Elite Package. I am really going to miss my 2014 its been an awesome car. With the high trade in values right now makes sense to trade it in or sell...