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  1. Which Map should I get?

    I would suggest either MAP or Wortec (if you’re further south. Both damn good at what they do and can’t go wrong with either:rockon:
  2. New Revised Rear Shock Mount From J&M Products /

    I have the original set of these (without the cap) and they work really well. Would love that cap too, however, can’t see how it would work with my Magneride
  3. Tune for european mustang

    A number here in the U.K. have done plenty of our cars with new tunes. I would recommend either Wortec (who I got my tune with) or MAP (Motorsport and Performance) oh, and a tune will void your warranty if Ford find out
  4. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    J&M mount here. Feel great to me and the extra clearance (to help my 345s) are gravy
  5. I am thinking of trading my car in for a new one but...

    You could always upgrade the Magneride with this:-
  6. Who Has a Lowered Magnetic Ride Equipped GT W/Aftermarket Wheels?

    Maybe the angle but it did reduce. The rear wheel diameter on the new wheels is slightly smaller then stock so it will counter the 20mm drop a little
  7. Who Has a Lowered Magnetic Ride Equipped GT W/Aftermarket Wheels?

    FP GT350 lowering springs with P51s (19x10 285s front, 19x11.5 345s rears)
  8. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    Don’t say that, I really like the GT350 front on the MY18
  9. GT500 style front bumper on MY2018

    So, what are people’s thoughts on the following (I really like it)
  10. Borla S Type Catback: Too Loud

    You’ve exactly described the set up I’m looking to replace my active exhaust. You don’t happen to have any sound clips do you?
  11. MP Concepts Bumper for 18-19

    Out of curiosity, how do we know we can’t use our side lights (and that the design comes with its own LEDs) and that the ACC may not work?
  12. MP Concepts Bumper for 18-19

    Same car but before the addition of the pony and blacked out bumper
  13. GT350 style bumper on MY18+?

    Its nice but I think I prefer the 350 look. Bit of a coincidence, went onto the cosmetic section and actually found this
  14. MP Concepts Bumper for 18-19

    Really like it. Saw this one on Facebook and kind of fell in love with this look
  15. GT350 style bumper on MY18+?

    Found this pic of a MY18 with a GT350 style bumper/ front fascia, but I’m damned if I can find anyone selling such a thing. What are your thoughts? Anyone who could point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated
  16. Gas particulate filter on new 18-19 GT?

    At this point, I’m only aware of removing the GPF by going with LTHs and a tune to remove the warning light. Any reason why you don’t want to go with LTHs,
  17. 2020 EU Mustangs will lose power, get 55Y package

    The thing is, all new MY18 GTs in Europe already come with the GPF and are rated 450PS so this reduction (for whatever reason) is something else (especially as its only the autos that are being reduced, not the manual).
  18. Ford performance borla sport exhaust. Loud!

    Maybe a aftermarket/custom h pipe to replace Borlas X might make it sound less raspy and more bearable