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  1. Have you bought Tires lately?

    I put 4S on mine in late July. I had to go 325's in the rear as 315's were not in stock. It's tough times in the tire world.
  2. Quick, easy, cheap mods to get a Mach 1 over 500hp?

    Buy the 6 speed. Bone stock it makes 460rwhp. That's 500 at the crank.
  3. I learned the definition of tramlining

    Cure for the tramling is the 4s. I went 305/325. The handling is night and day. I took my Cup2's off at 500 miles. This is the best mod I've done so far.
  4. Mach 1 HP wheels

    That's a good price on the PS4's. I just paid $150 more and thought I got a deal.
  5. No Clue Shift

    You must be at WOT for it to work.
  6. Pp supercharged owners 3:73 or 331 gear

    You need 3.73's to make up for the lack of low end torque with a centrifugal blower. The exact opposite true with a roots blower.
  7. Mach 1 tune options

    Lund has tunes available.
  8. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

  9. MACH 1 Handling Pkg owners

    You will need to back it in the trailer.
  10. My Mach 1

    They were still in the trunk. I took the pics right after I unloaded the car. I had to buy it out of state to get what I wanted.
  11. My Mach 1

    Every option except the 10 speed.
  12. My Mach 1

  13. Tremec and clutch biting point

    Perhaps the factory peddle setting is off. With the car off(duh) put it in first and use your foot to lift up on the peddle from underneath. Then press down on the clutch. You should hear/feel a "pop" as it adjusts. This should lower the bite point.
  14. Hard to stay off it during “break in”

    It has a rev limiter................
  15. How did you break in your Mach 1?

    I drive like the cops are chasing me.
  16. Has anyone purchased a Mach 1 under MSRP?

    Picked up mine at Gary Crossley in KC for a little under sticker. I had to drive from Dallas to get it.
  17. The elephant in the room: ADM

    Unless you are a Ford exec or have a controlling interest in a dealership, you are paying ADM. No dealer is going to sell their 1 GT500 at MSRP, period. You are either being lied to or doing the lying. I'm sorry but leaving $10-25k on the table is just bad business.
  18. JLT CAI and tune for roush blower?

    According to your sig, you are not running a PD blower. I have no problem running an open box on a NA setup where heat soak isn't an issue.
  19. JLT CAI and tune for roush blower?

    I have the filter with a custom tune. I'm certain most of the gain is the tune but a little extra HP for $89 is hard to pass up.