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  1. **SOLD** Brand new unmounted Sport Cup 2s GT500.

    I’m local in milford!! Are these what come on a track pack car? I wonder if I could put them on my base car?
  2. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    Do you have any pictures of the 5 spokes on a gt500??
  3. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    Are the borla tips the same size as the factory?
  4. GT500 with Black Paint Roof

    Had mine wrapped gloss black
  5. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    Sound clips of the new exhaust??
  6. Finally found My car @1/18th

    Is the color race red or rapid red?
  7. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Man that looks great!! Can the hood be purchased separately?
  8. Anyone heard of Shifteck or have their resonator delete?

    I got one on my 500!! Sounds amazing!! Install was not too bad, I did the lethal performance on my 350 so I’ve had practice. At some point I will have it welded in place instead of the clamps.
  9. Black exhaust tips on stock mufflers?

    I went with plasti-dip route, looks great and it has held up well!!
  10. Road rash question for those without PPF

    I would recommend the rear deck lid panel with the snake on it!! I didn’t do it on my 350 and did it on the 500 and it so nice to not have to worry about the cheap plastic!!
  11. Rear Deck lid Snake

    My PPF guy left the snake on the deck lid and cut around it. Looks great
  12. No-Stripe GT500s - Post Your Pics

    Black roof ok??
  13. Foster Whine Mod review here at Lethal Performance

    JLT cold air intake get you more blower whine for sure, drove mine for the first time since installing it and could hear a difference!!
  14. Abs fault light

    Ok I’m going to pull the wheels tomorrow and double check all the connections, I don’t remember disconnecting the abs sensors though. Thanks for the help!!
  15. Abs fault light

    Did the swap to last Saturday, today was the first day out on the main roads.
  16. Abs fault light

    When to take the Gt500 out for the first time today made it to the end of the drive and ended up with anti-lock brake fault and hill stop assist warning!! Looks like a trip to the dealer for me. I did my cftp front springs install with no issues till today.
  17. Changed up the fender badges

    Not sure about tinting the clear red, the painter that did mine used a couple coats to determine how dark they would be. The first was not dark enough for my liking so he hit them again. I would think you could add a red tint to the clear as well.
  18. Changed up the fender badges

    Had a set of fender badges tinted black to get rid of the chrome!! I’m happy with how they turned out. The look black but in the sunlight you can still see a hint of the silver.