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  1. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    I think I’m free that day. Yes, let’s keep it low key and avoid some of the roads popular with cyclists. By that time of the morning many riders will be all over those roads like Stage, Tunitas, etc. Definitely want to enjoy the cruise and meeting everyone, less focused on wringing the car...
  2. Exposing Carbon Fiber On R Wheels

    Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances use any type of chemical stripper on your wheels. It will destroy the epoxy resin and could render your wheels potentially unsafe. Aircraft paint stripper (at least for commercial aircraft) is an acid. Painters have to wear respirators and dress...
  3. Running 20” Wheels

    For size comparison:
  4. Running 20” Wheels

    This is right on. 20’s do I think look better on an S550. I made the mistake of going 19” with my first set of wheels and within 6 months had another set in order in 20”. I spec’d specific offset rims for f/r but do get why running the same f/r works out for some people. Do keep in mind that...
  5. Running 20” Wheels

    You could run those wheels, would be a combination of standard and R fitment. In that case 30mm for the 10.5’s. What tire size do you plan to use?
  6. Running 20” Wheels

    I’m not seeing specs for those but in 20” if you want to run the same size f/r 11”, 24mm and 62mm will fit problem free
  7. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Set the date, if I’m free I will be there. Should be a good time.
  8. Rattling from the B Pillar interior panel

    I had this exact same rattle, even took it to dealer under warranty and they couldn’t figure it out. Once I determined the exact location by pressing on panels while driving an application of foam tape under the upper edge of the trim panel silenced the noise. I tried using Dynamat on a rattle...
  9. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Definitely interested.
  10. My first Mustang! A 2019 GT350.

    Welcome and congrats. I was similar to you when I bought mine. First Mustang and first domestic car owned. I too came out of a German performance car but definitely not looking back. These cars are just so well sorted for a factory vehicle.
  11. GT350 Gripes and Complaints

    I agree. Besides the question was asked so for anyone to put out there what they think is perfectly valid.
  12. Shout out to all the NorCal, Bay Area, Peninsula, Mustang owners!

    That’s great! I ride that area too. Maybe include a stop in San Gregorio for some artichoke bread!
  13. GT350 Gripes and Complaints

    This does not bother me too much but seriously Ford, couldn’t an oil quantity system been part of an engine that needs its oil level monitored as much as the Voodoo. We have plenty of electronic systems on board, this was completely possible.
  14. Shout out to all the NorCal, Bay Area, Peninsula, Mustang owners!

    Set it up and I’ll be there!
  15. Shout out to all the NorCal, Bay Area, Peninsula, Mustang owners!

    It would be fun to meet up. The SoCal guys should not have all the fun.
  16. My first Mustang! Finally!

    At the mall and at the coast, familiar places.
  17. My first Mustang! Finally!

    I’d love the chance to run it at Sears Point (showing my age I think) or Laguna Seca.
  18. My first Mustang! Finally!

    I have not heard of any change to availability of Track Attack but my year of eligibility it was only in Utah as I recall. Nothing here in CA. Damn shame considering we probably have the highest concentration of Shelby’s in the country and many fine race tracks.
  19. Angled Gauges

    I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. I pulled the panel on my car to see if that’s possible a few years ago but unfortunately the gauges are integral to the circuit board. Unlike a self contained gauge with mounting hardware that maybe could be manipulated I don’t think it’s something we can...
  20. Bay area muffler shop recommendation

    Hey Mike and Rob, Welcome to Shelby ownership in the Bay😎