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  1. Stack of mods coming!

    Monday Nov. 1 my GT350 goes into SS Customs in Redwood City for a stack of stuff. Ceramic coating on the paint, PPF on the entire front end, window tint, painting calipers, installing new steering wheel. Will have it back in time for my coastal cruise on Nov. 12th. Holding my breath as I have to...
  2. Replacing turn signal indicator bulb?

    Seems my left front turn signal indicator bulb is out. Easy to replace?
  3. Velgen Classic 5 V2 Wheels

    BTW, the wheels look stunning!
  4. Velgen Classic 5 V2 Wheels

    Sorry, my bad! Yes, I emailed Velgen...
  5. Velgen Classic 5 V2 Wheels

    Just emailed you about these. You have them in stock now?
  6. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    More details as we get closer...
  7. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Check the route map I posted, it's a combo of highway and backroads. Also check out the map posted by Mr. Maboomba, a little longer, much of it on Skyline. (Hwy 35)
  8. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    As we get a little closer we'll dial in the details...
  9. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Yeah! I look really good on video... 😁
  10. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Understood. One "issue" with doing that on these roads on a Saturday is that everyone else is doing the same thing. Motorcycles, bicycles, people with horrible little cars (Like Chevys) all testing their capabilities, all pushing the limits of common sense. People die regularly on these exact...
  11. New Owner with Questions

    This forum will provide you with a WEALTH of information...
  12. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Was thinking of something shorter since this is my first trying to organize it. Hwy.1 to Stage Road, that goes all the way into downtown Pescadero, then back up Hwy.1. All total witha stop in Pescadero maybe an hour and a half. I figure most of you have to drive just to get over here, so shorter...
  13. Shout out to all the NorCal, Bay Area, Peninsula, Mustang owners!

    Setting up a short cruise for Nov.12th in Half Moon Bay, check out the details here...
  14. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    Ok. how about we set Saturday Nov.13th. Since you all are heading my way, how about we take a nice back roads cruise to Pescadero and back to town up the highway. Not sure if we should if it rains. Maybe meet about 9:00am at a shopping center right by the highway, there's a Pete's Coffee and a...
  15. My New 2021

    Perfect color!
  16. 11's all the way around?

    I've got a super good tire and wheel guy working on this now. Plenty of options, but wanting to really dial this in for my use, street only, no track, all weather but with no compromises on appearance.
  17. 11's all the way around?

    Looks like an easy fix...noticed this issue on my first drive.
  18. 11's all the way around?

    Thank you...noob here...
  19. 11's all the way around?

    +50 what?
  20. 11's all the way around?

    CLEARLY you thought wrong...