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  1. Gas Prices in your area

    temecula CA E85 2.50 a gallon
  2. WTT DF5 Wheels and Nitto NT55 Tires

    hows the tread on the tires? i have a set of 19x9.5 19x10.5 varrstoen es1s
  3. Wtb: wheel spacers for GT PP

    still looking for spacers? i have 4 1 inch for sale
  4. ABS Traction control and Advanced track light on

    Anyone have any idea whats goin on? Lights all popped on at the same time driving home from the gym. Lights will come on when i start the car, go away for about 30 seconds, sometimes longer, then come back on. Dont really want to take it to the dealer due to my car being decently modified...
  5. WTB 305 30 19

    I have 2 325 30 19 goodyear run flats. 300$ Im in so cal
  6. (4) 1 inch spacers and (2) 1.5 inch spacers so cal

    PM if interested
  7. Full Bolt On - GT350 Intake, E85, 47LB Injectors, Stainless Power Longtubes, PMAS,

    Not trying to thread jack, just have a question. ill be running a similar set up except i have the GT350 throttle body and Cold air intake. Since i have catless headers will i make more power?
  8. How to fit 305's upfront?

  9. Best Intake For GT350 Intake/TB

    Im running the GT350 cold air with my set up. Id go with that or JLT
  10. New Advan GT Set 19" 25mm Offset for S550. San Diego

    If only i had the money! Good luck with selling these beauts
  11. Seeking long tube advice.

    Im in cali running catless stainless power long tubes. Lund 91 tune got rid of the CEL.
  12. 5 Spoke Wheels

  13. Headers worth it?

    Id say they are worth it for sure. Especially if you can do the install. Took me 8 hours but beats paying a shop 500 bucks
  14. WTB: 20" Staggered Wheels; NOT BLACK

    if only you were in socal, i have a set of 5 spoke 20s for sale
  15. WTT: Avant Garde wheels for pp wheels and tires plus cash

    Located in socal. PM for pictures. 20x9+20 20x10.5+40 with 275 35 and 315 35 accelera tires
  16. Wtb an intake

    I have a K&N series 69 as well. Only 2000 miles on it. Im located in Socal as well
  17. WTB: Steeda no tune intake

    I have a K&N for sale. No tune required. only 2000 miles on it
  18. Still waiting..

    Ordered my GT350 intake manifold on february 25th and it still hasnt shipped. Is this normal? When i ordered it said it was in stock. Any vendor here that can help me out? Should i cancel my order and order from some where else? CJ pony parts says they have them in stock. Sorry for the...
  19. WTT: My Avant Garde wheels for pp wheels and tires

    Looking to trade my 20x9+20 and 20x10.5+40 Avant Garde m550 wheels for performance pack wheels and tires plus a little cash on your end. My wheels come with 275/35 and 315/35 tires. located in socal
  20. Whipple Factory Dyno Day w/ Car Show & Meet April 1st

    Im down for this meet! just need to know what day so i can take it off