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  1. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Nope. It’s the head unit. Traced it back to the HU by running the entire setup with RCAs connected to an unconnected third-source. Static feedback wasn’t present but as soon as the RCAs were plugged back into the HU the issue came back. Even tried the same with high/low level line outs. Not to...
  2. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    FORSCAN and the MX OBDII Bluetooth plugin adapter. And yea did it myself. Pretty simple once you have the right setup and read what’s required before hand.
  3. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    It’s not a flash but some coding that needs to be done in order to turn off the ANC/ESE. BUT those are useless endeavors because I tried the coding and it didn’t work to get rid of the speaker feedback.
  4. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Mine was present even with the audio turned off. It was just a constant buzz from the HU. I really hope that if you spend the additional $1k that it fixes the issue, otherwise it’s just throwing more money in to the black hole that is the S550’s shitty sound system.
  5. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Nope. They replaced the ACM, I tried a DSP, and every setting you could thing of but nothing fixed it. disconnected every wire affiliated with the "ANC", and no real change. I think the real cause of the issue is the headunit itself. It's made of poor quality and there is probably an internal...
  6. Maryland OEM Shelby GT350 Car Cover

    I mean, I’ll take $100 any day if someone is willing to offer it to me... but I already sold the cover... still want to give me $100?
  7. Maryland OEM Shelby GT350 Car Cover

    Very little to none. It’s fitted but does have elastic around the corners so you can wrap it underneath the body. It fits a gt350 perfectly, I’m not sure if it would fit any other S550 models.
  8. Maryland OEM Shelby GT350 Car Cover

    Sold my Shelby so no need for the car cover. Excellent condition with no tears or rips. Comes with the storage bag. Asking $200 Shipped from Maryland. Local Pickup available.
  9. 6.5" JL Audio Micro Sub + 250/1 JL Amp + LC7i LOC

    It’s probably the OEM amp not having enough power to sustain the necessary output.
  10. 6.5" JL Audio Micro Sub + 250/1 JL Amp + LC7i LOC

    Trust me I would have loved to have a kit to drop in prior to dealing with all these test setups. I was just the first to really deal with the headache (and document it) so I was stuck forking over the time and money. After all was said and done, I was still never 100% happy with the sound...
  11. OEM 19" GT350 Wheels, 4x Blizzak Tires, Center Caps, <500miles on them!

    Bump. Winter Tires still available.
  12. OEM 19" GT350 Wheels, 4x Blizzak Tires, Center Caps, <500miles on them!

    Rims pending sale. Tires still available!
  13. OEM 19" GT350 Wheels, 4x Blizzak Tires, Center Caps, <500miles on them!

    Sold the GT350 and selling the OEM wheels and a set of Blizzak tires. The wheels were on the car for 2 weeks, have no curb rash/scratches, and come with OEM center caps. The tires are Bridgestone Blizzaks LM-32 that were used for less than 500 miles last winter and never saw snow. They are OEM...
  14. Thinking of the Unimaginable

    I’m trying to be as sensible as possible and agree that I could purchase another daily like others have suggested. At the end of the day it comes down to a change in priorities, my daughter is my world now and cars are going to have to hold distant second place. I traded the Shelby in today...
  15. GT350 FS: '17 GT350 - O/W - 3,500 mi - 7yr/100k Warranty - Prepaid Maintenance 3yr/36k

    As you can see from previous threads, I recently had a new baby and the wife and I think it's time for me to move into a vehicle that's a little more family friendly. For that reason, I'm parting ways with my dream car and hope that whoever purchases it treats it with the same care and attention...
  16. Thinking of the Unimaginable

    Thanks for the links and info, all. I did a decent amount of research on car seats for my wife's vehicle but didn't consider I wouldn't be able to drive the Shelby, so I didn't take that into account when I bought ours. I just found out from the Insurance company that I have seven days to get a...
  17. Thinking of the Unimaginable

    I appreciate the sentiment, I do have a daily driver, a 2017 Focus ST. Unfortunately that just got totaled so I’m in the market for a new car anyway. My primary issue though, is that the Shelby is just collecting dust and I want a car I can drive daily that fits my current lifestyle. I’ll take a...
  18. Thinking of the Unimaginable

    It's been 7 months since my daughter was born and I couldn't be happier to spend time with her every day. My wife drops her off at her Nanny and I pick her up on the way home every day. Being a dad has me thinking in a different light and I want to be able to enjoy my Shelby, but given that the...