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  1. Pennsylvania PAXTON SUPERCHARGER (Beefcake special)

    Sold!!!! thank you everyone
  2. Pennsylvania PAXTON SUPERCHARGER (Beefcake special)

    In 2019 I had a 2018 manifold, E85 , Sai Li fuel system and a beefcake Torque booster 11 lb spring . I made 781 whp 650 torque . The car had more left but Frank from Evolution performance said leave it there on a stock block.
  3. Pennsylvania PAXTON SUPERCHARGER (Beefcake special)

    I am not certain . It came off my 2015 and I did have on last year a 2018 manifold but don’t want to miss lead you. You can check with a shop maybe Evolution. Performance in PA or power by the hour in Florida they can assure you if it will or won’t fit.
  4. Pennsylvania PAXTON SUPERCHARGER (Beefcake special)

    I have off my 2015 mustang gt a Paxton Supercharger (beefcake special). I sold the car so getting rid of this. Asking price is $3400 or Best Offer plus shipping. Comes with everything in picture has the 3.6 pulley on it, vortex boost a pump, 170 degree thermostat, ID 1000 injectors, manual...
  5. Cat Delete Question

    Where can you purchase the flange?
  6. Check Engine P2006, P2007

    Sorry to revive an old post but I just recently took my Paxton and 18 manifold off my 2015 and now I am getting these codes p2006,p2007 not sure what they are but car goes into safe mode and won’t pass 40mph any help would be appreciated.
  7. Colorado Mustang GT 2015 OEM Intake Manifold

    Is this still available?
  8. Pennsylvania SOLD.

    SOLD!!!!! Thanks everyone
  9. Pennsylvania SOLD.

    I believe pumps are from a gt350
  10. Pennsylvania SOLD.

    As far as I know I see lethal and Sai Li say 11-19 fit.
  11. Pennsylvania SOLD.

    Sai Li fuel system everything included Has about 3k Looking to get $550 shipped if interested text me at. 4849036196 I am located in Easton PA
  12. Calimer Stage 3 MT82 or Magnum XL

    3k plus shipping
  13. Calimer Stage 3 MT82 or Magnum XL

    I have a stage 3 calimer mt82 love it. Put about 600 miles on it so far .It does have some more noice mostly in first gear but nothing overwhelming
  14. Sai Li & Boost

    Have the sai li fuel system for about a year. With a Paxton 3.33 pulley at 12 psi(Wastegate) made 780 whp on e85 no problems . Tuned by Lund. Car is a 15 manual
  15. 2016 Mustang GT Runs [email protected] With An MT-82 And A Edelbrock 2650 !

    Congrats on the times!! Can you guys spread some wisdom ? What r u guys launching at? I have a Paxton set up and will be going to the track for my first time this yr.
  16. Pennsylvania 2015 MUSTANG GT Premium w/ 50th Anniversary Package Supercharged

    Up forsale is a Prestine 2015 Mustang GT premium 50th anniversary package with 16k miles in Black. The car is my weekend car has a Paxton Supercharger 11lbs at Wastegate , Sai li fuel system, McLeod RXT dual friction clutch, Ben Calimer Stage 3 builett internals trans, off road x-pipe, JLT cold...
  17. How much power did your MT-82 handle successfully?

    If I was only doing 1/4 yes.for the highway rolls I do often I would say no. My car is about 1/4-1/2 car slower in the highway. Only plus is now I can go to 140 mph in fourth gear. With 3.55 I was only able to go 128 mph. Hope that helps I race the same Gtr(755whp)and supercharged c6(803whp)...