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  1. Wingless GT350R?

    Stealthy without Wing Wheels And Oh Yeah, glorious exhaust note.
  2. Check your engine mounts

    I would definitely get in touch with the header installer. Sounds like another incompetent mechanic / shop.
  3. Rear Differential Break In

    Best of luck. Ive changed many a rear gear out and never had any break-in other than making sure the rear had a chance to come to temp before hammering on it. Just listen for noise on acceleration, steady state cruise or deceleration while tranny in gear. It should make no noise if work was done...
  4. GT350R pre-runner edition??? ummmm

    I emailed the dealer. They have no clue. When I asked if car had engine and if so is it the original numbers matching? They replied, "The car comes with an engine". No answer and probably no clue what numbers matching means. When i asked why the front end is so high, they said it has air...
  5. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    Tom As I offered before. Get me the mounts. I will reverse engineer them and offer them with improvements. That is how it’s done. Copying and selling a patented item is a no go for any company and I feel it should be. Offering an improved version is what started the aftermarket.
  6. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    Absolutely no clue what the point is with this reply???? No one is stopping anyone from talking about a car. I feel the comments made that you are offended by are in regard to the conclusions being drawn by people who have ZERO experience in these cars. Claiming knowledge over a position you...
  7. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    While it’s listed for retail they want $20K over. at least it’s good for a laugh.
  8. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    Kilobravo. Agreed Anyone who knows me knows I used to wrench on a bunch of cars and usually enjoyed building their performance levels. I still have a 5-O that I have had in “rebuild” for years. It isn’t rebuilt yet for lack of time, not; knowledge, ability or money. Buying a done performance...
  9. My GT350 was harpooned by a kayak paddle

    I had one jack_SS come flying by me one time trying to show off his loud truck. Must have been a good day boating or fishing with a few too many in him. He took a curve a few hundred yards in front of me at over 80 and the boat decided it wanted to keep going straight. The boat rolled off the...
  10. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    I feel that Tom’s comments about trolling refer to people who don’t own either Shelby but think they are just mustangs with add-on’s. You really need to spend time in one of these cars to truly understand just how much effort Ford put into them. Try going to track days and ask for a ride from...
  11. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    Pardon my math but either Ford is being rather magnanimous and giving the buyer of the $108K car a credit of $10K on those options, or this new math is really tricky. I am old school but 27+91 used to equal 118. just having fun on a Friday.
  12. Just in case you wanted a GT500 crate engine...

    Ill give you $6K for the lot. You drive a hard bargain but done.
  13. Just in case you wanted a GT500 crate engine...

    Spare Crate engine or a Spare set of Carbon Wheels???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I’ve got to think about this one.
  14. Finally..... an apology

    Maybe you could get an Original Ford Lug Nut or go crazy and get …….., wait for it. ….. Keep waiting…, A dealer oil change, but two fiddy may not be enough.
  15. Finally..... an apology

    There you go Tom. Ruining the vibe 😬
  16. Finally..... an apology

    Too bad it’s not real money just FORD Bucks. You must buy one of their $7K wheels or $33K wings to use it.
  17. R Owners - Hunter Revolution for CF rims

    Good luck. I finally have an appointment with a shop this week. I’ve been looking for about 8 months in CT area. I hope these guys are good. I spoke with 2 Hunter area sales reps and everyone they suggested including Ford and Performance shops wouldn’t do it or required a waiver that if they...
  18. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    I paid MSRP. No BS. Issue is I had to pay a lawyer over$10K to sue Ford and the a dealer when 6 months after I gave them 100% of the cash, they then told me I could t have a CFTP. Long story but most dealers and Ford Area Sales Reps are true idiots and are either inept, lazy, stupid or all of...
  19. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    Mass. Near Springfield. Visually we could make something that looks to the eye as the same but thicken the mount up slightly and provide more robust mounts due to the street nature of the 500 requiring more robust design. We could even make from Ti (pricey but light) or the aluminum but anodized...
  20. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    My shop could machine it if I have one to copy (for those looking for an exact copy). Quantity can vary but the more that are ordered the less expensive the end cost. Setup, engineering and lot fees get spread over the size of the order. Can I get one person to spearhead this, get me a mount to...