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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Well it not for my mustang but its more against it. My old and very old audi a6 wagon was pronounts d.o.a. So, til I find another daily driver I will be taking the mustang to work... that means she will be getting really dirty for once. Yep she is spoiled.
  2. Diff Fluid Discussion

    I have used this twice now for my gt pp1 diff and very happy with it.
  3. 18-21 Mustang GT Grilles

    Thanks and glued the mesh it to the inside of the grill then took some wire/cable wall tabs and glued them to the backside of the grill to support the mesh then painted the entire grill so that everything matched. Wasn't as hard as it seams.
  4. Brake Pad Recommendations - 2015 GT /PP

    Only their track pads
  5. Brake Pad Recommendations - 2015 GT /PP

    And to be perfectly honest a lot easier to get. Can be ordered from American Muscle.
  6. Brake Pad Recommendations - 2015 GT /PP

    for street only driving I would choose EBC 'red stuff" about the same stopping with a lot less dust. The only thing you will notice is the initial "Brembo bite" the oem pads have.
  7. Heads up on Mobil 1 5W50 FS X2.

    Got mine already. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Heads up on Mobil 1 5W50 FS X2.

    great deal and 10 quarts are on the way to my house
  9. Flat tire dilemma

    Do as Ock stated and also check the valve stem. The sealant may have plugged the tire but caused the valve to stick opened just a little.
  10. Show Us Your Windshield Banners

    My daughter is a graphic artist, and makes mine, so I change mine from time to time.
  11. Pre-Filling New oil filter

    I always pour a little oil into the filter on my mustang (about 1/3 to 1/2 a qt). i fill the filter on my wifes truck because it sits upright and I dont add any to my audi. It all depends on the angle of the filter. I love the oil filter system on my old 7 series BMW it was a cartage type that...
  12. Show Us Your Windshield Banners

    Forgive the dirty car.Custom made by my daughter
  13. Cooling upgrades worth it?

    the trans will start to overheat after 15 mins with a good track workout. extra cooling is a must. most of the guys that run the 10 speed auto have upgraded the cooling on both the trans and eng. and a few of us have included cooling the diff as well
  14. EMP Rear Seat Delete Kit

    By accident. I have one that will jump in, curls up and go to sleep befor i get the other one in the car. Then the other sits up front. Now they both like to do that. So needless to say they do it by being on top of each other for the most part, but they do get the job done.
  15. 2018 PP1 lowered on ford performance springs

    I agree with EWheel install extended studs is by far the best way. However if you are going to install bolt on spacers to your Mustang the min spacer you can have on the car without c'boring the wheel is 23 mm.
  16. EMP Rear Seat Delete Kit

    Check out CM Components. You can also ask for thicker material to be used in the construction, as well as custom graphics (like they did for me). Also When I installed mine I lined the floor beneath the seat with plastic bags and the bottom side of the seat delete...
  17. Caliper painting v. powder coating

    They are just paint peel and stick.. I got them from American Muscle. They fit perfect from the start. I had them professionally painted. Also I have noticed that they blend in better on darker color mustangs.
  18. Caliper painting v. powder coating

    painted mine with dupicolor copper eng paint and clear gloss eng. paint a little over three years ago and they still look the same as they did when I did them.
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    That is why I got the SS. I didnt want to mess up the power coat. And thanks for the lead on them.