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  1. Headers and O2 extensions

    All I picked up a full ARH system local for a killer deal. The person didn't do any work on his car on his own. In the box of stuff I got with it came with 2 O2 extenders. I can't seem to find any references if extenders are needed or not. Or would I need 2 or all 4. I did read that some...
  2. Let's talk trailers...anyone with a custom ATC/inTech?

    I was thinking the same thing as svttime while reading this thread. I seen ZX3ST post above with an F150 hooked to the trailer and was wondering the difference between say F150 vs F250.
  3. New Mexico 2017 GT350 33k miles $50,0000

    If you decide to sell the Alcantara shift boot, knob and e-brake boot separate I'm interested
  4. Official AFD E85 "ProFlex Commander" with New Harness

    I picked up a used ProFlex. Last weekend was my first real driving with it. The app was showing about 60% ethanol after a fill up. I can say it definitely made taking off from stop lights more fun. Over all the car seems to be happier overall with it. Its seems smoother and lower RPMs and shifting.
  5. Corsa Headers?

    I picked up an ARH system used last week for a killer deal I couldn't pass up. I'm working up the ambition before installing it. I'm going take a 3 day weekend at some point to install them.
  6. Idaho Sync3 8" upgrade kit w/ Nav

    Do you happen to know if the non premium cars have the same speakers and amp as the premium? The reason I ask is this new screen just for the screen or does it help the sound quality of the stereo at all?
  7. Military Auto Source Now available stateside

    I'll back up the points of MAS is not worth the trouble. I had to use them while in Germany and it was not a pleasant experience.
  8. 2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Heavy Build)

    Great thank you for the response. You explained exactly how I was hoping it would effect the car.
  9. 2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Heavy Build)

    Out of curiosity did you feel any type of performance improvement with the carbon driveshaft?
  10. Florida 2010 Shelby GT500

    Sold picked up today
  11. Florida 2010 Shelby GT500

    For sale $27,000 50,000 miles Located in Tampa Florida 2010 Shelby GT500. I am the second owner of the car. I bought it in Sept 2010 with 9,000 miles on it from an older man that always wanted a Shelby Mustang. After his 9 months of ownership he missed his SUV and decided to sell the car. I...
  12. Lund E85r vs. Lund Flex tune

    From what I have read the 18+ coyotes with direct injection essentially have 16 injectors and don't require an injector upgrade for e85. The 15-17 coyotes used to be recommended to upgrade to the 47lb injectors. From what I read the GT350 uses the same injectors as the 15-17 coyotes.
  13. Lund E85r vs. Lund Flex tune

    I have searched around a bit and haven't found this for the GT350. Are upgraded injectors needed on the GT350 for e85 flex tunes?
  14. Help! I am not in love with the GT350R Sound!

    Champale do you happen to have any sound clips of either the H or X setups you posted? I agree the ARH is the sound I want as well, but I wonder if the resonators in the ARH setup is responsible for most of the refined exhaust note. Where maybe adding proper resonators to the factory exhaust...
  15. Selling GT350R for new Porsche 718 Spyder?

    I had never had a good experience at that place. I'm not brave enough to try and find out.
  16. Florida 2019 GT350R Black

    my email is JOE underscore R underscore SIK at yahoo dot com if you would like to email me.
  17. Selling GT350R for new Porsche 718 Spyder?

    For anyone that said they would like to have the car. I assume the car was traded. This just popped up on my local dealer site. The listing says LR001. I’m looking for one but I’m not looking for white...
  18. Florida 2019 GT350R Black

    I'm interested in the car. I am in Tampa. It looks like since this is your first post I can't send you a private message. How can I contact you? I like to speak about the car over the phone.