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  1. Prices are on the rise......

    Or a bidding war ensues:)
  2. Front License Lawbreaker!

    Texas here so front plate required, but not running one on either vehicle. And only one car in the past 8+ years with one (CPO and already drilled). Haven’t been pulled over (touch wood), but big city so better things to do I’m guessing. We told dealership on the ‘21 GT, don’t drill and if you...
  3. Street racers....go to the track

    Ok so I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but I hope you’re NOT saying that lack of access to tracks excuses street racing because it surely does not.
  4. Street racers....go to the track

    Headlights are 2015-2017.
  5. Street racers....go to the track

    Cable TV People don't get that most of the street racing on TV is faked by a bunch of rich assholes who pretend to be hillbillies, tough guys, or mechanical geniuses. It's all bullshit. Which then led to people racing on the street thinking that is how it is done. Which then led to a bunch of...
  6. Street racers....go to the track

    But none have anything to do with idiots racing/severely speeding on public roads. I consider most speed limits a guideline...5-7 over so not a granny, but there’s some stupid crap out there. And sometimes, not just from ’kids’.
  7. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread You’ll need VIN and order number.
  8. Last-minute MY21 order info and advice

    I’m honestly asking, not being a smart ass, how did I crash the antimatter thread? Guess I need to go back and read it again…
  9. Last-minute MY21 order info and advice

    I reviewed my comment on antimatter, which was a thread requesting feedback and I was not insulting to anyone. If I’ve misremembered or haven’t found the comment youre referring to, please quote me so I can apologize to that person. And I’m not hurt, you’re a stranger to me therefore don’t...
  10. Last-minute MY21 order info and advice

    If you truly believed “to each their own” then you’d stop insulting our color choice. My comments have not belittled anyone’s choices, I managed to give my opinion without doing that.
  11. Painted Black Roof with Stripes

    Tough call which looks better. Gorgeous car!
  12. Last-minute MY21 order info and advice

    Nope, changes colors in different light. Nothing “give up“ about it. Looks mean, like a muscle car should.
  13. Looking to get myself back into a mustang. Have a big question about the ecoboosts

    Have you driven an EB? The piped in fake engine noise is horrific! I’ve been told you can defeat it with Forscan, but not sure if that’s true or not, and given all the ADM now, you could probably order a well equipped GT for near same money. MY22 order banks are supposed to open tomorrow.
  14. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    Well given the loudness of your exhaust, you may be deaf. :crackup:
  15. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    Can’t see not liking B&O. I have the 19 speaker B&O in my SQ5 and GT rivals it. Also, not sure everyone is aware, but I’ve heard from some audiophiles that like a lot of things on new cars, speakers need break in period so will sound better later.
  16. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    Sorry, not following your math, you will spend $2k to upgrade the 9 speaker, but not $1k on B&O?
  17. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    Granted like exhaust loudness, stereo sound/quality is subjective, but we think our B&O kicks ass! The 9 speaker is horrible!! The AE is quite loud, loud enough for sure, don’t need resonator delete unless your goal is to be annoying to everyone around you. Track is super loud, quiet start is...
  18. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    56 & 62 here. Loved black wheels before 9/17 when we purchased our GT, and love them even more now! The wheels on the ‘21 BAP are off the chain.
  19. New on this forum thing =)

    Did I miss something in this thread? Who mentioned EBs, positively, negatively, or otherwise?
  20. New on this forum thing =)

    Welcome and congrats!