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  1. Heavy NVH from new steeda shifter

    The boot will no longer be necessary after the insulation. I did also put the white factory foam. You want to make sure any screws are removed before trying to pull it off.
  2. Washington Parts For Sale

    The GT350 CAI will work and fit on a 2018 GT?
  3. MT-82D4 Help

    Did you upgrade the clutch line to a steel braided one? That has helped me.
  4. MT82 Trans Very "Jerky"

    Try resetting your throttle. This helped me tremendously, and it’s something a lot of people forget to do or don’t think about doing. Turn ACC on, but do not turn the car on. Press the accelerator to the floor slowly for 10 seconds, and bring it back up slowly for 10 seconds. Turn ACC off...
  5. Heavy NVH from new steeda shifter

    It was overkill, but steeda shifter and the dynamat/lead padding turned it into an amazing experience. It became way quieter than stock, less heat, and the shifts felt even more solid.
  6. Heavy NVH from new steeda shifter

    This was my 16, to give you an idea of what that looked like.
  7. Heavy NVH from new steeda shifter

    That white o-ring will make it stop rattling. The shifter alone can also introduce some unwanted noise and vibration. On my 16 and my buddies 14', I used a heavy amount of dynamat and lead sheets around the shifter. I did 5 layers of dynamat and 5 layers of lead sheet, and it became quieter than...
  8. Florida 2018 Mustang GT 6SPD PP1 Premium w/ tons of goodies!

    Thanks! Front: 285/35/19x10 Rear: 325/30/19x11.5
  9. Florida 2018 Mustang GT 6SPD PP1 Premium w/ tons of goodies!

    Hey guys! I have a 2018 Mustang GT PP1 w/ Premium and tech package. Car has 35k Miles and is in mint condition. I have a ton of goodies on here as upgrades. I'm just testing the waters on selling it, not in a hurry. Price: $42,000 Here is a list of all the upgrades and pricing. Feel free to...
  10. Just opened up my own business!!!

    Hey Everyone! I hope this is not in violation of any rules, if so please let me know and I can take it down. I finally made a move to go independent and opened up my own Telecom Broker Company. I am now able to provide internet and phone solutions to businesses globally for any carrier. One...
  11. Any pics of your car with Steeda Progressive sport springs?

    I have 285x35x19x10 front and 325x30x19x11.5 rear.
  12. Mods (hp+)that won’t void warranty?

    The warranty is questionable.. There is the magnuson moss warranty act where the dealer has to prove that your modification is what caused the failure. I've had my transmission replaced 3 times and I have multiple modifications done to it. Not one single time did they deny me warranty, they...
  13. 19inch PP wheels on Lowered 17GT

    Wondering if 19inch performance pack wheels with 295/30/19 Rear and 275/30/19 front would fit on my 17 GT, it’s also lowered on eibach sport lines I think 1.5 inch feedback would be greatly appreciated and sorry if it’s a dumb question
  14. 2018 GT PP2 front splitter

    I went with the Steeda front bumper instead of the lip, because of the cost being absurd for a lip.
  15. Any Deals on Cervini GT500 hood?

    Yeah I bought mine 4 weeks ago lol. It's going into the shop today to get painted.