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  1. Ford tracker website

    ohh. yeah i’ve been using an ipad and iphone, and it’s not just safari, tried firefox etc. i was on chrome on my pc yest and it just kept refreshing the page where you type the info in so my PC wasn’t working either. weird. i dont get why their site just randomly constantly goes down
  2. Will we ever again see a Mustang on a dealer lot FS?

    doesn’t fit the WH agenda, so why bother? it’s quite unfortunate what this country is becoming
  3. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    got mine right when it went into production so sept 29 but my tracker is broken again too so their site blows
  4. Ordered cars

    badass! rapid red was my second choice, looks so sick..and i do love the red interior, but i wasn’t sure about matching with velocity blue so i just matched blues and did the grabber blue stitching lol but every video ive seen of the red, i love it…looks awesome with black or like silver, and...
  5. Front License Lawbreaker!

    haha i’ve always been paranoid with the stangs lol. i’m in ocean county!
  6. Front License Lawbreaker!

    im in jersey and was paranoid about it. my old 2014 stang had it from when i got it used, but for when my 21 GT comes in, i told them do not drill the holes or install it…..i bought the sto n sho bracket that bolts in using the chin spoiler bolt. gonna run that because i’m paranoid about...
  7. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    haha i've got 2 weeks off for thanksgiving so that'll be good! also, my tracking site isn't updated. i got the email, but on PC the site still says in production...and still doesn't work on mobile even when i cleared all history. odd.
  8. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    BUILT. FINALLY!!!!! Estimated delivery Nov 10 to 16. Sucks, 3 weeks out still. but finally built at least.
  9. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    same. so weird lol but in production so who cares 🙄🙄🙄
  10. Got good news

    idc what anyone says, i like the stock rims so much better than the 28739423 spoke PP rims. i think those are ugly as hell lol so i'm glad i went stock.
  11. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    gotcha. did production still. jesus christ this is annoying.
  12. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    order tracking still broken for me as of this AM.
  13. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    (800) 367-3788
  14. Got good news

  15. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    tracking is completely broken for me again and just refreshes back to the main page 🙄🙄🙄
  16. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    damn lucky still in production. my dealer got an update finally. was in the trim line yest, so he said it should be built really soon…then it goes to inspection though then it gets shipped….so im surprised you guys are seeing first week of november? that seems way too quick to get it…
  17. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    get ready for plenty of lack of communication from ford!!! lol today officially marks 3 weeks for me since in production i believe.
  18. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    maybe that will bump you in priority? who knows lol or it’ll push you back
  19. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    wtf yeah it is. green is custom order.
  20. Order timeline questions

    I believe mine took a week or two…it’ll be on a thursday lol forgot it’s in my sig…order on 7/29, vin on 8/5 for me