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  1. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    I just got the same update a few moments ago... officially built! Delivery estimate Nov 4th to Nov 10th. Finally!
  2. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    All four of us... blend date 10/5, no updates. My window sticker disappeared last week. The date at the bottom was 10/11/2021... sticker is back up today with a date of 10/19/2021. I'm not even really sure what the date at the bottom of the sticker is? I reached out to my dealer yesterday who...
  3. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    I’ll echo what Mark said… my experience is the same. The team at Chapman has been super quick to respond to any questions I’ve had, they’ve been very detailed on information relative to buying out of state, everyone I’ve spoken with or corresponded with through email has been knowledgeable and...
  4. Flat Rock down AGAIN next week! (Week commencing 4th Oct)

    I’ve just learned about the shutdown… I just got my window sticker this past Tuesday with a blend date of 10/5. This sucks! 😫 No official notice from Ford yet.
  5. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    Got my window sticker link today… psyched! Order was acknowledged on 7/31, so almost two months exactly. Not bad considering the shutdown last month. Blend date is 10/05/2021.
  6. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Yup… looks great! Really digging the split personality you described, I love colors that take on different character in different light. I can’t wait 😝 Thanks for the additional commentary and photo. I’m looking forward to seeing the post-ceramic photos.
  7. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I have an Antimatter Blue GT on order… I was afraid it might be too black looking in person, but this photo really excites me - beautiful! Ceramic coated?
  8. Ordered cars

    Have you looked into shipping yet? I’m curious if you have determined a carrier to go with. I’m considering shipping as well and also located in Massachusetts. I was leaning towards Montway, but heard mixed reviews.
  9. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    I think we’re talking about the $1,000 rebate for a custom order… which the Mach 1 is excluded from… not the $4500. At least that is what I was responding to. I haven’t looked into a Mach, so couldn’t speak to rebates on that model.
  10. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    Oh, right... could be. I ordered a Premium GT - maybe I should have clarified.
  11. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    It is documented in our email exchange, but we’ll see.
  12. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    I confirmed with Chapman that I would be eligible for the $1,000 rebate when I placed my order on July 31st. The response I got was that I would receive the credit, and if there was a better rebate available at the time of delivery I would be eligible to upgrade. Hopefully someone from Chapman...
  13. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    $1k off a special order was best I could do.
  14. Order Timing/Tracking

    1. Build: Antimatter blue, 401a, midnight blue interior, 6-speed manual, 19” polished aluminum wheels, active exhaust 2. Priority 10 3 Order date: 7/31/21 4. VIN date: 08/05/21 5. Original Build date: week of 10/4/21 6. Revised Build date (notified 8/16): week of 9/27/2021 7. Actual build date...
  15. Mustang market

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply and honest opinion. Very valuable information… and I agree that a forum topic on the subject would benefit many. I’m sure it will vary state-to-state, but a general sharing of experiences would be worthy. Glad your car arrived safely - enjoy it!
  16. Mustang market

    Hey Bran. I'm faced with shipping vs driving a new GT back from a dealership a few states over, which could be in cold weather with potential for snow. I was curious what shipper you used and how you would describe the experience? How did you handle registration/taxes/plates etc?
  17. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    Yup… I initially tried to order a GT performance pack version, but was locked out. This goes back to July. Decided to order a premium 401 trim manual instead, which is still a great car for my purposes.
  18. up to $4500 off MSRP (b4 Ford Retail Incentives) with @dealersider

    My build date has been improved by one week... originally scheduled for the week of October 4th, now scheduled for the week of September 27th.
  19. It’s Done and I am sure

    I got an update from Ford today... my scheduled build date has been moved from the week of October 4th to the week of September 27th. Hopefully you've gotten good news too?
  20. Tracking info is now not there......

    All had been quiet. My order was accepted 7/31. Five days later I got my VIN# and a scheduled build week of October 4th. There has been no updates until the error message this morning.